Zanox, an affiliate marketing marketplace to make money with online advertising systems

We have already touched on the subject of affiliate systems and now we bring you an option that is one of the most recognized in the world. In itself we are referring to the European leader in performance advertising called Zanox.

Zanox is a Affiliate marketing marketplace that allows us to earn money from our website by promoting the products or services of third parties thus obtaining a commission. Perhaps you have already come across this program but surely you know little about its complete platform that offers you everything you need to sell with great comfort.

You just have to rRegister yourself and fill in your profile information so that advertisers can understand how important it would be to work with you and even with your employees since there is the possibility of making a configuration to obtain multi-user accounts. You will have a huge advantage in the configuration of the advertising space since you can simply create the ones you want according to the number of websites you have and depending on the activity or business model you dedicate to regardless of which region you are targeting.

To select the programs with which you are going to make your website profitable, you must make use of a powerful filter and thus locate the advertisers indicated for you according to the kind of commission you can get and according to their types of creatives (banners of all IMU sizes, text links, deep-links, newsletter templates, widgets and much more).

Refering to commissions You have to know that the amount that you will get will be conditioned by:

• The degree of relevance of the creatives with respect to your visitors

• The commission offered by the advertiser

• The consumer purchase figure generated by creativity

There is also the issue of tracing by this company which will guarantee that our sales are duly registered, for which a maximum of transactions is monitored using a tracking based on the browser session, cookies, post-view and fingerprint.

On the other hand, you can have real-time access to your reports and statistics, knowing at all times how traffic behaves, what happens with transactions and commissions, that is, a whole overview of the performance indicators for a better administration of your affiliate account. You will be able to create and customize the reports you want, in addition to displaying all this relevant information in graphical tables (bars or pie).

Regarding the long-awaited payments, these are sent on the 10th of each month after having approved the subscription that is used as a method to pay the affiliates, and after having reached the minimum amount for this to proceed. But it should also be noted that the top partners receive their payments with a frequency of 10 days.

It must be recognized that a platform with more than ten years in affiliate marketing and currently with more than 4,000 advertisers, would be a good opportunity for any entrepreneur who wants to make money with his blog.

When you are already part of this community we are sure that the creatives that are published will motivate you, perhaps that will be the success of Zanox.

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