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Florida has high rates of prescription drug abuse and some of the most severe penalties for drug possession. The state’s history with painkillers has led many to begin using heroin as a cheaper alternative, but there are rehabilitation and treatment options throughout the state to help those struggling with addiction.

Addiction Treatment in Florida

In the state of Florida, more people than ever before are getting help for their addiction. Between 2009 and 2011, twice as many people were admitted to residential treatment centers in Florida for addictions to drugs such as painkillers and heroin. No matter what your addiction, there are treatment centers across the state that can help you.

Florida has many rehabs to meet the needs of anyone. Some offer unique treatments in a luxurious setting, while others are more traditional and affordable.

Most Florida cities, including Miami, Jacksonville and Orlando, have or are within walking distance of a good treatment center. Dozens of other cities throughout the state are home to reputable and effective treatment centers.

Should I consider traveling for treatment?

Leaving your current environment behind is helpful because it is easy to associate certain places and people with the need to use or drink. That’s why many people travel out of town, or even out of state, for rehabilitation. Moving to a new place can help you break negative habits, build healthier relationships, and eliminate old temptations. Traveling to Florida for addiction treatment is especially beneficial for those seeking high-end rehab or simply a change of scenery.


Here you can get an idea of all the Drug Abuse treatment centers you can find throughout the state of Florida.florida drug treatmente centers


Florida Addiction Treatment Laws

Florida has laws in place to help people struggling with addiction, especially those who have gotten into trouble or refused treatment. Whether it’s getting a loved one into rehab or finding alternatives to jail, Florida’s legal system can help you with the addiction treatment process.

The Marchman Act – Treatment for Loved Ones

The Marchman Act, or the Florida Substance Abuse Deterioration Act, is part of a Florida statute that helps people find and receive treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Under the law, a person can be involuntarily assessed for a substance abuse problem through the court system. Family members can use the Marchman Act to get their loved one into rehab if they refuse to seek help for an addiction.

When properly applied to a well-balanced long-term plan, the Marchman Act has the potential to help a person reach a healthy bottom line by establishing a court-ordered framework to help support his or her recovery.

Family members may file a petition under the Marchman Act with their local court clerk to set a hearing for their loved one. The courts can order the addicted person to receive treatment and help him or her work toward sobriety.

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Florida Drug Courts

There are special courts in Florida, known simply as “drug courts,” that only hear cases from drug offenders. In 1989, the first drug court in the country was established in Miami-Dade County to help people with addictions and mental disorders. Traditional courts do not always have the specific resources needed to address and treat addiction and mental health. Florida has 95 drug courts.

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Drug courts offer drug offenders the option of receiving treatment for their substance abuse problems as an alternative to a jail sentence.

If a person who goes through drug court is expelled from a treatment program or relapses, they will go to jail. Offenders who go through drug court are regularly tested for drugs and meet with a judge to assess their progress. Offenders may also be required to maintain employment.

Many studies show that drug courts minimize crime, reduce costs to taxpayers, and are better for getting treatment for drug-addicted offenders.

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