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You want to sell on the Internet

Today you have the option of taking your business to new territories and conquering customers around the world without opening a physical point of sale, but once you upload your company, service, or product to the Internet, which is increasingly used and its growth is increasing every day you have to consider how you will charge your customers.

If you are not very up to date with these technological innovations, here I will mention some basic terms of electronic commerce (e-commerce) which consists of the sale and exchange of products or services through the internet, they can be electronic products or physical products.sell-on-internet

There are four ways to market through the Internet which are:

1.- B2B are the companies that do business with each other
2.- B2C Businesses that sell to the general public
3.- C2B People who offer their services to companies
4.- C2C People who sell services and products to other people

Therefore, providing online payment options is vital to improve the shopping experience and increase sales, the best thing is that specialized firms already operate that offer this service to companies seeking to conquer and do business in new territories. one of the most positioned on the Internet.

Internet Payment Options

It is a reality that day by day more companies and more people make purchases through the Internet and also more companies are offering web users payment alternatives for their clients with the best technology so that every day the user has more confidence in make your purchases through the Internet sites. For this it is important that users have a credit card, this can be a physical card or a virtual credit card which only has the amount of the purchase to be made charged and once the purchase is made, it stops working with this, it is greater security in the purchase, below I leave you information about a company that offers an option of payment by internet I hope it will be of help to you.


It is a company of American origin specialized in online payments, its added value is that hiring its services is very easy by providing the infrastructure and the way of operating that only the big ones can do, accept payments online and make electronic transfers, it offers services in 4 modalities.

.1.- payments by email for people with or without business activity, who sell products and services and who want to receive payments online

2.-Payments via the Web. For those who have a website and want to add a shopping cart and implement the paypal payment button.

3.- Express Payments. For companies that have a medium-high technological support, it is a product that improves the customer experience and facilitates the organization of cross-sales and the administration of their orders.

4.- PayPal and Ebay. For individuals with or without business activity and businesses that want to sell in other countries and that sell their products through the Ebay site, people who sell on Ebay can receive payment from their customers through PayPal and this in turn will make a transfer to your bank.

It has information storage servers to guarantee that the only ones who can have access to the bank details of its clients are them and not the businesses since they also have Fraud prevention software, however consider visiting their site to review their policies and check if your country is included in their list since it reaches the majority but there are some countries that have restrictions in which you cannot make or receive payments through PayPal.

It is a Mexican company dedicated to web solutions for companies that offers a solution for the implementation of a point of sale terminal in any internet site so that you can charge online.

Through the business owner requests the service and once easy payment validates their data, both parties sign a contract. you have to pay an entrance fee of approximately $ 2000.00 pesos. this to carry out the implementation of the payment button on your website. When a customer makes a purchase online PagoFacil will charge a percentage of 5% of the total amount of the purchase, once the transaction is concluded, the payment is stored in the concentrator account of Pagofacil and later sent to the Business Bank account.

The Company has the trust seal of the Mexican Internet Association, with this, greater security is guaranteed for both businesses and the end customer, it is a fact that when you decide to put your store or company on the Internet and you want your customers to buy By this means and do more business, you have to contemplate how the client will make the purchase and how you will collect your money, all the companies that put the different forms of payment at your service are left with a commission from the sale, you would only have to send the product if this is a physical product or give the download link if it is a digital product.

Another Online Payment Option

Money Mail

This company, originally from Argentina, started operations in 2003, unlike PayPal, which has a presence in 190 countries, this company dominates the markets of Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico. Therefore, its added value lies in the knowledge of the Latin American client.

One of the advantages of working with them is that unlike some banking institutions that ask businesses for a bond of up to $ 500,000 pesos per physical terminal, they do not charge more than a commission for each transaction.

Dinero Mail offers four online payment methods for Businesses

1.- online payment for people who have a website

2.- Payment through electronic mail for individuals with or without business activity.

3.- Off-line Collection for those who sell low-value products, in this way they generate coupons so that their customers can pay the corresponding amount in convenience stores.

4. DM Store For individuals or those with business activity or companies that have a catalog of various products in this modality. Money Mail tells you step by step how to create your online store, the owner must enter the money mail page, choose the country where it operates and register for an account if it offers several products, it is recommended that you create a shopping cart so You must click on that option and the system displays step by step the process for the implementation of this tool on your website.

This process is free and concludes with a notification from Dinero Mail in which it advises that the process has concluded successfully. From that moment on, the company is registered and will be able to receive payments via the Internet, by email, and in some convenience stores such as Oxo, 7-Eleven and banks such as Bancomer, Banamex, Santander etc.

If you are interested in the implementation of this collection system on your website, it is advisable to contact this company or visit the website of Dinero Mail to obtain more information and start doing business.

I leave you this video with an explanation of Dinero Mail