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www.myflorida.com/mybenefits is a Florida MyBenefits that is essentially designed to demonstrate the benefits of work for the state of Florida. Additionally, the website has a detailed explanation of what you will have, whether you are retired, currently employed, or comparing the government benefit package with another employer.

More information at www.myflorida.com/mybenefits – Florida MyBenefits

As a job seeker, visit www.myflorida.com/mybenefits to have a clear understanding of the benefits of work for the state of Florida.

The government’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides assistance on a wide variety of issues including:

  • Stress or personal problems
  • Financial and legal issues
  • Family matters – including relationship problems
  • The loss of a loved one
  • An alcohol or drug abuse problem
  • A job loss.

Florida MyBenefits offers 4 classic services, including

1. NEW CAREER: This section provides detailed guidelines and information for your first few days at work. The state offers you the opportunity to serve in ways that will truly change the lives of Florida’s citizens.

Whether you have a role in public safety, responsible for clean water, health work, child welfare, green spaces, roads, or preserving Florida’s history, it’s easy to be proud of the public service you offer .

2. FINANCIAL CHARACTERISTICS: Here, you examine the total value of work to the state, retirement programs, and deferred compensation options. When you work for the state, the total value of what you get is more than your paycheck.

In addition to your salary, the state offers you financial value through its contributions to your health insurance and retirement benefits, as well as through the state’s paid vacation programs.

3. WORK AND LIFE: This explains how the states’ paid vacation, adoption, EAP, absence, and tuition programs can help you stay balanced. Part of the total value of work to the state means you can take time off when you need it. This also means that you can take advantage of our work & life programs.

4. HEALTH: The Health section shows the state’s pre-tax health, life, and supplemental insurance plans, as well as tax-privileged accounts. You can use the Health Plan Expense Plan to compare the total cost of what you spend of your paycheck to buy coverage and what you pay for health care and prescription drugs.

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