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EBT cardholders can access the device with any device (computer or mobile phone) login Website for online checking of the EBT card or food stamp balance. is an online web platform for checking the EBT account balance.

The Electronic Benefits Transfer Card (EBT) is a card made available to beneficiaries as part of the government’s food and cash assistance programs. With the EBT card you can redeem your benefits in any store that accepts EBT cards in the USA

The US government-provided Food Stamp program is actually a source of support for low-income earners and families, and it has really helped those affected.

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If you are looking for an online platform where you can review or access all benefits and information, please visit us login Page to review your EBT performance information. Sign in to check the balance on the EBT card allows you to log into your EBT account, check your grocery stamp and review your card transactions.

If you would like to check your EBT balance through, follow the simple steps below to log into your EBT account and review all of the individual information on ebtEDGE.

1. Open your web browser and enter

2. On the ebtEDGE homepage you will see various EBT platforms on which you can log in with your EBT card. Just click on the EBT cardholder login.

3. On the registration page for EBT cardholders, you can log in to the ebtEDGE cardholder portal and grant access to your current account balance and the verification of your card transactions.

4. When you click Cardholder Login and the login page opens, enter your login information. This is your EBT card number in the field login

5. Then click the Login button to log into your account.

Once you have successfully logged in, you can view your EBT account balance on your EBT card and view your entire transaction history on your EBT card.