Wisconsin Quest Card Balance – Check out the Wisconsin EBT Card Balance

Wisconsin Quest Card Balance: You can use your Wisconsin EBT Card to pay for your groceries at the checkout terminals in stores that participate in FoodShare. Wisconsin EBT card this is also known as Wisconsin Quest Card is a plastic debit-like card. On it is your name with a card number and the Wisconsin Quest logo.

It is that Wisconsin Department of Health Services This will issue the Wisconsin EBT Card to eligible participants so they can spend the monthly grocery benefits assigned to them. Every month the Wisconsin Quest Card is reloaded with cash. The card must be used in-store to purchase groceries through your FoodShare account.

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As you read this post, you will see the different methods / options for checking your Wisconsin EBT Quest Card balance.Wisconsin Quest Card Balance

How to check the Wisconsin Quest Card balance

As I said before, you only have three methods to get balance on yours Wisconsin EBT Quest Card. I want you to follow the options below to check the remaining balance on your account Wisconsin EBT Quest Card.

  • Check your last receipt

This is the easiest way to get yours Wisconsin EBT Card balance. By checking the bottom of your last proof of purchase that you received when you redeemed your proof of purchase Benefits of FoodShare Your Quest card can be used to find the current balance on your Wisconsin EBT Quest card.

  • Check the Quest Card website at www.ebtedge.com

Your second option to get the credit on your EBT Card Wisconsin is to visit the Wisconsin EBT Quest Card website. As the holder of a Quest card, you must enter your EBT card number. This can be found on the front of your Quest card. Once you are signed into your account, you can view your current balance information as well as your transaction history.

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  • Contacting the EBT Card customer service number

Another way to find out your current remaining EBT balance is to use the Quest customer service Hotline at 1-877-415-5164. Before doing this, however, you will need to have your EBT card number ready as you will be asked to provide your card number before you can find out how much of your balance is left.

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Following any of the options above will help you determine your current status Wisconsin Quest Card Balance. Please don’t forget to share it with your family and friends through your favorite social networks.