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Why an open mind to achieve results online?

Online businesses are the new option for those people who feel that we want to do with our life time something more than spending eight hours at the service of a company or job, just to greatly benefit the owners of these companies.

I do not mean to say that I am against these companies, simply that this is not my choice, I have decided to work for a goal, a purpose in which I believe and for which I give my life; For other people it may be perfectly normal and viable to work and put their time in the hands of other people, for which I respect that decision as well; I even know several people who are happy to work in a company and advance or grow according to a lifestyle they have

But for those of us who decide to make a living from what we generate online, every day is a challenge, a challenge in every way, since the decisions are made by us and no one else, each of our actions have to be determined by a plan. of action to achieve a certain objective; Otherwise, the healthiest thing is for us to re-employ ourselves in a company where what needs to be done daily most of the time is not decided by us, but rather we follow the indications or orders of other people who are in a higher position than us. .

3 tips to have an open mind and move towards our goals.

It is evident that there are many factors that influence the success of an entrepreneur, I have already spoken about many of them in the odd post, this time I want to talk about another factor that is also key to success, this is the opening of our mentality to incorporate new situations or actions.

I want to share with you three tips that I consider important about a Open mentality:

1- Constant training- This part is vital, constant training allows us to keep our minds agile and ready to see new opportunities, we all hear that there are thousands of opportunities, but if we are not prepared to see them, it is the same as nothing.

Always being learning new things allows us to see what we could not see otherwise, the brain is a muscle and just as we work our body many times, with our brain we must do the same.

Currently we have no excuse, anyone can learn whatever, what they like, what they enjoy, they only need an Internet connection and from there they can have tons of information on the subject they like. Only ten years ago we did not have this possibility, the reality is that this is priceless, however this technology is often used only in a small part.


2- Do not discard anything without first having it experience it This type of attitude is often a trap for entrepreneurs, since many times we allow opinions that only constitute the experience of a single person to influence us.

On the other hand, in online businesses is when we must have the most openness, so that if we hear an opinion about a business model or tools, we are willing to also obtain our experience and point of view; For example, for some people the business models of the PTC or answering surveys do not offer results, however there are thousands of people who only live from these business models and in an excellent way.


3- Be constantly researching new ways to generate income without losing sight of the main sources of income- Finally, without a doubt, having an open mind allows us to know new ways of working and generating income, I am particularly a restless person but I am very clear that we can investigate and venture into new ways of generating income; But it is essential not to neglect our sources of income that we already have created and that we know offer good results.

Regarding this, it is common for us to start with a single source of income, and over time we begin to venture and expand to new models or ways of making money online, the only thing necessary is to be with a willing mind, an open mind to new experiences.constant-research

I hope this article is of interest to you, as always I invite you to leave your comments or share this article with other people.