Who seeks corporate social responsibility

Do you want your company to be distinguished by having corporate social responsibility? Do you know exactly what it is about? Why do you benefit as an entrepreneur? What is the objective of CSR?

First of all, they are very important concepts that as an entrepreneur you cannot put aside, since it interests both small and large companies, because even if you have an SME it is important that you have a vast knowledge on this topic that you are about to read next …

How to comply with corporate social responsibility

  1. According to the world business council for sustainable development to comply with the corporate social responsibility, your company must commit to always maintaining an ethical behavior and in addition its commitment will also extend to economic development in order to improve both the quality of life of your employees and that of their families without neglecting its extension to your community and society in general.
  2. But it is not only about your company complying with these concepts in practice, it must maintain them over time as part of the business vision.
  3. Therefore, this commitment is perpetual every day of the year, because although when creating your company you have done it with a lucrative purpose, which you should not forget, at the same time you must develop that social commitment that is fundamental.
  4. Respecting these concepts does not mean that your company suddenly becomes a foundation that carries out philanthropic acts, on the contrary, as long as you comply with social principles, you will continue to perceive good results in your finances, since one concept does not take away the other.
  5. The ethics with which your company will begin to act will not be enough if you do not know how to promote it as part of the corporate culture.
  6. In fact, it is understood as such and it manifests itself when it reaches your workers, their families, the impact that the environment may have, your entire local community and ultimately it will be transported to society in general.
  7. It is necessary that you implement a business culture such that it can be reflected in dealing with workers who make an effort to work overtime that you pay them, since otherwise your company would not be demonstrating a social responsibility because it does not have any commitment to their workers or their families.
  8. As an entrepreneur you know that by improving economic results your company grows, because applying these concepts the quality of business process management will also allow your company to achieve good results in the future.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility

According to ISO 26000 for your company to be distinguished with what it has corporate social responsibility must comply with certain essential principles such as:

  1. Your company must respond for the impact on the environment, the impact on the economy and the impact on society. It is an accounting of the responsibility of your company when making mistakes, the measures it takes for their repair and subsequent decision-making for their prevention.
  2. Your company must be so transparent that it shows that it has responsibility for all the activities it carries out and may have a negative or positive impact on the concepts in point 1, whether they are impacts on what is known or have a certain probability of impact on the environment or society.
  3. Honesty, fairness and integrity are the three values ​​that correspond to the ethical behavior that your company must demonstrate and that not only focuses on people but also on the environment and animals.
  4. Your company must demonstrate respect for stakeholders those people or groups or entities that in one way or another may be affected due to business activities.

For this reason, the objectives of your company should focus not only on the care of the partners it may have or their owners, but it must be extended to all collaborators, clients and all the people who directly or indirectly participate in the results. of the company and therefore they are also an interested party, they are the stakeholders.

  1. Your company must respect the law, legality is above all. There is an international norm of behavior that also respects the principle of legality.
  2. Of course you must also respect human rights and recognize their importance.

What is a Corporate Social Responsibility Plan?

  1. To draw up a corporate social responsibility plan, you must be aware that your company needs to put into practice concepts of environmental care, it must maintain social and economic principles.
  2. The United Nations global compact supports companies to be influencers of labor rights, the fight against corruption, environmental responsibility and human rights.
  3. It makes it very clear that it is not about marketing or the philanthropy of companies but about the need for a business vision that can be implemented by analyzing and designing strategies that encompass environmental, social, market and place dimensions. of work within the context that corresponds to the vicissitudes that impact the operation of the business

What does CSR pursue?

Without a doubt, CSR pursues business commitment, which is not so easy in the case of a company, an area that for a long time kept its vision focused solely on generating profits regardless of the impact that it could be causing to its closest environment.

Corporate social responsibility examples

As examples of corporate responsibility, according to studies are the following:

  1. Coca Cola: It is a company that in addition to generating profits has a philanthropic sense with its contributions, in addition to being in the ranking due to safety in the workplace.
  2. Hewlet Packard México stands out as an example due to how it performs environmental management and in the management of electronic waste. Due to the low turnover of the staff it gives rise to understanding that it is a good workplace.
  3. Walmart: It stands out for knowing how to manage the environment after using renewable sources.
  4. Cauhtémoc Monctezuma: As Walmart also fundamentally stands out in caring for the environment with a very well balanced vision of social responsibility.