Who qualify for the u American visa

You want to know who qualify for the u visa? Because those who own it obtain several benefits as long as they meet the essential requirements, do you want to know what these benefits and requirements are? Keep reading…

The eligibility of those who qualify for the U visa

Then you will be eligible and you will know who qualify for the u visa Yes:

  1. They consider you as a victim of a criminal act that is qualified as such.
  2. You suffered mental or physical abuse as a result of that criminal act.
  3. You know and report criminal activities that you know about.
  4. Due to disability, your guardian, parent or your representative possesses and delivers on your behalf that relevant information about the crime.
  5. You report that the crime occurred in the United States in violation of its laws.
  6. As a result of a criminal activity you suffered psychological, emotional or physical damage, it is convenient for you to seek a licensed professional to help you recover your mental health, because for your own state of health it is what is best for you and will also help you with a written diagnosis with the detail of all the information and the treatment that was administered to you, give proof so you can request u visa.
  7. You must keep in contact with law enforcement personnel to follow up on the investigation and the judicial process, so in the event that you change your phone number or change, you must indicate it to the officials, as it is essential to that after they approve the u visa it will be a requirement for the application for the residence card.

How long does the u visa take?

Although the delay time can vary, generally for the approval of the u visa application, the government takes between six and nine months to either approve or deny it.

Well, it is likely that the government needs to collect more information when it is in the middle of the process and therefore the delay may be longer.

Requirements for u visa

The provisions of the United States regarding illegal immigrants who are victims of a crime, indicates that to remain in the United States they can apply for the u visa and will not be deported if they help the authorities with information about who or who perpetrated the act and do so before justice and if you meet these requirements:

  1. Qualified crime is the main requirement.
  2. Because of that qualifying crime you suffered abuse.
  3. You provide information about that crime.
  4. The crime occurred in the United States.
  5. The information you provide should be useful to the authorities for investigation and prosecution.
  6. You must be admissible or else you will seek a waiver by completing Form I-192.

Who qualifies for the u visa and eligible crimes

The criminal facts that are eligible for you to obtain the u visa are considered the following:

  1. If you were stalked.
  2. If you suffered a situation where you were attacked with a weapon.
  3. If you suffered a sexual assault.
  4. If you were a witness to a murder and you can provide information to the authorities.
  5. If you were illegally detained.
  6. If you received sexual content that you consider abusive.
  7. If you were sexually exploited or you witnessed this situation and you can verify it.
  8. If you were a victim of extortion.
  9. If as a foreigner you suffered fraud because of your labor contribution.
  10. If you were a witness to the murder and provide evidence of it.
  11. If they offered to be a witness by manipulating your observations.
  12. If as a woman you suffered from genital mutilation.
  13. If you suffered a kidnapping or abduction.
  14. If you were a victim of servitude without your consent.
  15. If they took you hostage.
  16. If you suffered torture.
  17. If they tried to hire you for forced labor.
  18. If you are a witness to the slave trade or human trafficking.
  19. If you went through a situation in which you were raped.
  20. If you suffer or suffered from domestic violence.

«U Visa» benefits

The benefits for who qualify for the u visa are as follows:

  1. The most important thing when obtaining the u visa is the possibility that you will live legally in the United States for 4 years.
  2. You have the possibility to apply for a green card 3 years after obtaining your u visa so that you can stay in the United States and then become a United States citizen.
  3. Once you get the visa you can apply for permission to work.
  4. In New York and California you get the public benefits of both states.

Who qualifies for the u visa and how it is obtained

  1. The u visa corresponds to those who qualify as victims of mental, physical abuse, violence and for those who provide their help in public agencies within the criminal activity or in the investigation.
  2. It is the non-immigrant visa that strengthens the law enforcement agencies that are in charge of the investigation and the judicial processes that are in charge of the protection of victims of abuse.
  3. If you are eligible, you must complete the corresponding forms with the documents that support the information you have entered in the forms.
  4. After completing the forms, you will send them with the documents to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service.
  5. Without the need to go to an interview or to court, the government is the entity that decides if you are entitled to receive this visa.
  6. Therefore, it is not necessary for a lawyer to intervene, although depending on each situation you may need to ask for their help or that of a victim advocate.

Is the u visa good for leaving the country?

Leaving the country after you have obtained the u visa is difficult because it will put your status at risk, unless you leave the country for some very important reason.

  1. First of all, until you obtain your u visa, do not leave the country.
  2. Once you have obtained the u visa, do not leave the country until you receive your permanent residence, that is, after three years with u status because you will not be able to leave the country and return legally.
  3. When you leave the country with a u visa, you must go to the consulate of your country and request another visa to be able to re-enter the United States legally.
  4. Immigration can penalize you to apply for permanent residence.
  5. If for an important reason you need to travel and leave the country, you must request a special permit that justifies that trip.

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