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Where to get the Opening License in Spain

When it comes to opening a business, there are many who wonder where to get the opening license, and the truth is that the answer is very simple, since only the town hall where the business is opened.

No other body has the legal capacity to grant an opening license, which is a penalty, since the most municipalities take more than three months, and in some cities up to years, to give an opening license.

This is so, and there is nothing we can do, so if someone tells you that they know where to get the opening license without going through the town hall intends to rip them off, so it is best that you ignore or report it.

The truth is that it is a shame that there are no other places to obtain the license, since the municipalities take a long time and sometimes this power is used to retaliate those who do not agree with the mayor, something that happens a lot in the towns .

Therefore, when you ask for your building license, make sure that the engineer who does the project for you gets along with the city council officials, since there is no other place to ask for it, and if there is someone involved in the license request, what has problems with someone from the town hall, the 3 months are can turn into years.

processing of an opening license in Spain - MadridExperts in these areas say that if the license takes a long time, the license can be considered administrative silence, that is to say, that the city council does not answer, it is a provisional approval of the license, although we would always consult an engineer who is dedicated to these things in your city, and who will explain to you how the city council works.

If you live in a small town, and you have had problems with the city council, forget this last paragraph and comply with the strict regulations so as not to have legal problems.

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