Where to find my amended return and how to file it?

You wonder more than once where is my amended statement? Do you want to check the status of your return and you don’t know how to do it? Well, many people like you do not know how to make a query after having submitted the form 1040X corresponding to the United States amended individual income tax return.

Below you will learn the best way to check the status of the form submission and when you should do it …

How to find out where my amended return is

  1. check where is my amended statement it’s very easy if you start to find out three weeks after you’ve filed your amended return. However, you should know that processing your return takes up to 16 weeks.
  2. The IRS provides you with the toll-free, automated phone number: 866 464 2050.
  3. From your call you can obtain the status of your amended returns for the current fiscal year and up to three previous years of course always speaking of fiscal years.
  4. Login to www.irs.gov and from where is my amended return you will be able to obtain confirmation of receipt of your amended return.
  5. But remember that processing your amended US individual income tax return will not be processed before 16 weeks after the IRS receives it.
  6. Calling the IRS will not speed up the processing time for the amended return, since without an appointment, representatives will only investigate the status of your amended return if 16 weeks or more have elapsed since you mailed it.
  7. When you enter the official IRS site and from Where is my amended return you will know that your amended return has been received and that it is in the processing stage, because you can track all the stages from when it was received to its completion, it is say that you will know if the return is in adjusted, received or completed status.
  8. If the status of your amended return is shown as received it means that it is being processed and it will take up to 16 weeks for the processing to be completed.
  9. If the status of your amended return is shown as adjusted, it means that an adjustment has been made to your account and will resolve a refund, a balance due or there is no tax change.
  10. If the status of your modified return is shown as completed, it means that you will receive an email with the processing instructions.
  11. You can enter Where is my Amended Return every day at night because this is the time when the tool is updated.

Where is my amended return if 16 weeks have passed

Your modified return may take more than 16 weeks in some cases such as:

1.Your statement has errors.

  1. Your statement is incomplete.
  2. Your statement is not signed.
  3. The statement is returned to you because more information is needed.
  4. The statement is affected by fraud or identity theft.

Where is my amended return and what do I need?

To make the query you need:

  1. Your Social Security number.
  2. Your date of birth.
  3. Your zip code.
  4. With these requirements you can know the status of your 1040X form.
  5. By logging in, you can find out the status of your modified return.
  6. If you make the query online from the official IRS site, you will see a graphic that illustrates your modified return in its processing stages, but you will only be able to view the graphic of your return after 16 weeks of having sent it, except that the tools t indicates it there is no need for you to contact the IRS.

What is an amended tax return

  1. An amended tax return is a return that you file for the purpose of making a correction or corrections to the prior year’s tax return.
  2. You can file it to correct errors and make a claim for a tax presentation from which you get advantages.
  3. You can file it when you reported earnings incorrectly or incorrect tax credits.
  4. If you file because of math errors, it doesn’t make sense because the IRS automatically corrects these errors.
  5. You can file it if for tax purposes your marital status changed, for example if you registered as a single marital status and married on the last day of the tax year, you will modify the return by filing your taxes with the state that corresponds to a joint declaration of married or with a separate statement.
  6. You will also file them if you are a taxpayer claiming additional dependents or eliminating them.
  7. You can file the return if you qualify for a deduction or credit and have made an erroneous claim.
  8. If you need to report additional income in the tax year and therefore you reported an incorrect income for that tax year.
  9. If as a taxpayer you owe taxes in an amount higher than what you paid and you file the return to avoid receiving a fine from the government.
  10. Please note that the 1040X form cannot be submitted online. You will complete the form and send it on paper to the IRS service center that processed the original form.
  11. You should also know that the amended return requires manual processing, for this reason it can take 16 weeks or more for the IRS to process it.

Where is my amendment

  1. On the website of the IRS You receive help with its online tool so that as a taxpayer you can find out and track the status of your amended return for the current year and up to three years ago.
  2. Where is my amended return is the tool provided by the IRS that you can go to if it has been three weeks after it was mailed.
  3. From the tool you will be able to know if the IRS received your amended return.
  4. You will check the status of the return processing.
  5. You will be able to know the completion time of the complete processing.
  6. If you submitted several statements, you can select them individually according to the results.

You will go where is my amended statement

In short, you should always take into account the need to wait 3 weeks after having sent the declaration by mail by calling 8966 464 2050 or from the IRS online tool: Where is my amended return.