Where to find Fast Personal Cash Loans online

You can find fast personal loans without bureau in several entities so that you have with you the quick money you need regardless of the reasons, for example …

Entities for fast personal loans without bureau


Kuenski is one of the entities that offers you the money you need as fast personal loans without bureau of up to 2000 Mexican pesos choosing the payment term from 7 to 30 days without asking for endorsement. You can carry out the procedure online and even if you pay on time, it offers you an increase in the credit line.

You can request the loan from your computer at home quickly and easily.


Lendon is also another entity that offers you the money you need without explaining the reason if you are at least 20 years old, you have CURP, you have your own national bank account and a valid voting credential and you can request A loan of up to 4000 Mexican pesos if you are a new client with a payment term of 14, 21 and 30 days.


Afluenta, also offers you online loans with an immediate response. You just have to complete your application and it offers you credits of up to 6000 Mexican pesos so that you can request it from your home.

Financial kubo

Kubo financial, offers you online loans with a response within 48 hours with rates from 17.8% per year and lends you up to 100,000 Mexican pesos.


Konfio, without guarantees or endorsement, lends you up to 150,000 Mexican pesos without having to visit a branch, from your home you can request the loan and receive the money in 48 hours. You just have to complete the online application.

Konfio offers you loans without bureau, because your credit history does not determine if it is possible to grant you a loan, but if you have a good history you get better interest rates with longer terms and a larger loan amount. The entity has a simulator for you to detect the type of company, the history, type of suppliers and customers according to your billing.

According to what your company requires, you can build your loan and your credit will be adapted to your credit and billing history, for which you can choose an amount of up to 800,000 Mexican pesos with a repayment period of up to 36 months.


Ferratum, is an online microloan provider that offers you a fast service online from your computer or mobile phone and the loan is decided in a few minutes.


If you are looking for an HCBC bank loan, it offers you HCBC personal loans, for which you must contact the telephone number 5721/3390/01800 7124825 every day of the week throughout the year. When you communicate, you will leave your information or you can go to the bank branch and choose the term for the repayment of the loan, which can be 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months and you can even choose a return in fortnights.


Vivus also offers loans for which you must complete the application with your personal information in a few minutes, you will confirm your identity, you will send a photograph of your voter ID and once your application is approved you will receive the money you requested in your account .

In this way you obtain a loan without commissions or interest, since you only return the value of the loan if you are a new client.


Credy understands that for many families it is difficult to face economic needs and how difficult it is for you to find an entity that offers you a loan without a bureau, for this reason Credy offers loans on line without bureau by completing a form, then you choose the one Amount of loan money, repayment period and in a fast way you get the solution to your needs.

No matter the destination of the loan money, Credy almost always gives an affirmative answer without uncomfortable questions and you can have your money in cash.

Personal loans

Kredito 24 is a quick way to obtain a loan of up to 3,000 Mexican pesos, but it is not the only company …

Kreditech México is another financial company of the international Kreditech group that provides personal loans that are adapted to the needs of clients, keeping you in control over the term and the amount. You just fill out the application quickly and you get the loan in minutes. New clients can access a loan of up to 2000 Mexican pesos with a repayment term adapted to your needs.

Immediate loans

Immediate loans in Puebla, Guadalajara, in Mexico City without a bureau you can get it online, not everyone can access it because there are different risk assessments. Well, each company has its own score, therefore you could access credit even with a bad rating if you meet other conditions.

Urgent loans without credit bureau

If you need urgent loans without a credit bureau, solcredito offers you the money you need, you can manage it online by choosing the amount of money you need from 2000 Mexican pesos onwards and the repayment period. If it is the first loan you request, you will not pay interest. They are flexible credits that you can return in a month and up to a year.

Solcredito investigates the credit institutions and presents the option for you and you save in the process because you do everything online without paperwork and without payroll and without additional expenses, you know the total amount of the mini loan before the application is validated.

Monedo Now offers you fast loans of 6000 Mexican pesos with a payment term of up to 6 months without a credit bureau.

Krediti web also offers you loans of up to 75,000 Mexican pesos with a payment term adapted to you without a credit bureau.

Vivus, offers you loans of up to 6000 Mexican pesos with a payment term of up to 30 days, but it can be more days if you request a deferment of payment without endorsement or documents, you only need to have the voter ID and in a few minutes you receive An answer that if yes, they will transfer the money to your bank account.

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