Where to buy 2nd cars

If you are thinking of buying one of the pre-owned cars on credit But you don’t know where to buy a good one, so you need advice so that you can buy it safely and without haste. Therefore below in addition to receiving advice, you will know where to buy the perfect one for you in Puebla, in the DF, a Chevrolet and with financing, but to find out you must continue reading….

Tips for buying pre-owned cars on credit

  • So if you want to buy pre-owned cars on creditFirst of all, you must choose between several that are presented as alternatives to decide on the best one for you.
  • Of course, before defining the purchase, you should do a review of the papers and the history.
  • Do a review of the mechanical condition of the car and its physical condition before making the final decision.
  • Avoid being in a rush when buying your semi-used car, take a few days time to think about the mechanical and physical state that you could observe and then make the last decision.
  • Although you plan to buy your semi-used on credit, you should evaluate the different forms of payment that they propose, since when it is in cash it may be a better option, but it will depend on your financial status at that time, because credit plans may also suit you that the agencies propose to you.

Where to buy pre-owned cars puebla on credit

If you want to buy preowned cars puebla on credit You have several online sites so you can start researching, see the images of the car of your choice, its final price and you can also check its mechanical and physical status in addition to the general conditions, for example:

  1. Login to https://www.seminuevos.com/usados/puebla-puebla/autos
  • Click On Credit.
  • Then the system will redirect you to the page so you can simulate the credit.
  • For example, for a price of $ 100,000, a down payment of $ 31,500, if you choose a 2017 model of the Chevrolet brand, Camaro model, SSAUT version, 05 OCUP, the site tells you that the amount to be financed is $ 68,500, cash payment $ 17,757.22 and the opening commission is 3% and the monthly fees are $ 3070.
  • Then if you are satisfied you will click on Start the request.
  1. If you want to see the variety of cars on credit go to https://www.seminuevos.com/usados/-/autos?type_autos_motor-credit-status=activated

You will be able to see the used cars on credit that the agencies offer you with the value of the monthly fee.

Click on the image and the system will redirect you to the page where you will see the cash price, the price of the monthly installments, the down payment, the technical sheet of the car, a summary of its conditions and the inspection report.

If you filter by Puebla in Provinces / states, you will see the variety of cars that you can also access, click on the image and you will see the monthly payment, the term, a summary of the car’s characteristics, the technical sheet and the description with its equipment.

  1. Login to https://www.autocosmos.com.mx/auto/usado?pr=252

You will immediately see all the variety of pre-owned cars in Puebla.

Click on the image of the car that interests you and you will be able to see its price, the details of the car and the seller. If you are interested, complete the form to contact the seller with your name, surname, email, telephone, state, city and write your message.

Accept the terms and conditions and click Submit to wait for the seller’s response.

  1. Login to https://autos.mercadolibre.com.mx/autos-seminuevos-puebla

When entering you can filter by sedan, SUV, Hatchback, pick up or coupe, brands, model.

Click on the image of the car of your liking and you will be able to see several images of the car, the price, the technical sheet, the description and the percentage of the down payment.

If you have doubts you can ask a question to the seller by clicking on Ask on the right side or you can call by phone knowing the number with a click on See phone.

Mexico: Where to find Chevrolet pre-owned cars on credit

To search pre-owned chevrolet cars on credit enter https://www.chevrolet.com.mx/seminuevos where you will find pre-owned certificates.

Click on Distributors, you can search by city, by postal code or by name of the distributor by completing the fields and by clicking on the Search logo, on the right side you will see the map with the address of the distributors.

Click on the dealer and you will see their address, phone number, hours of operation and the services they offer you.

Click Request a quote and then choose your vehicle with year, model, body style, fill in your information and choose a dealer, write a comment and submit the request.

Mexico City: used chevrolet cars on credit

If you are looking pre-owned cars df on credit enter https://www.seminuevos.com/carros/autos-usados-a-credito-df

Click on On credit and writing the price of the car you want with the down payment, the year, the make, model and version you will see on the right side the value of the monthly payment and the term, then click on Start application.

How to buy used cars on credit

Keep in mind that if you want buy used cars on credit and you go to a factory agency distributor, they will generally require the payment of a down payment so that it is possible to grant the financing of the financing companies.

However, you can go to certain banks and agencies that will offer you plans with credits without a down payment for cars or with a low percentage of down payment, for example:

  • An example is Banco Famsa that offers you auto loans without a down payment and without review by the credit bureau.
  • Autopresto is another example that offers you loans without a down payment and without a credit bureau review.
  • Another case is Hyundai credit plans that offer you the purchase of your car with a down payment of 10% and with a fixed interest rate.
  • Financing Ford offers you car credit without an opening commission, a fixed interest rate and with a down payment from 10%
  • Financing Kia, offers you auto loans with a down payment from 10%.

Although auto credit plans without down payment may seem beneficial, you should consider that the interests will be higher and the process can be difficult because most of the time they will require a guarantee.

Types of car financing

To know the cars that are available in Mexico and for you to choose the best one, when it comes to what you want to buy on credit, you should know the types of car financing you can count on:

  • Bank financing: It is one of the best options if you are a client of that bank where you are looking for financing and if you have a good credit history.
  • Financing by tenant: In this case, the purchase will be made by the lender and as the borrower you will rent the car, since the person in charge of paying is the lender with fixed installments.
  • Financing with a mortgage guarantee: it is granted to you by a financial institution that will grant you a loan and the guarantee can be a house.
  • Dealer financing: These are loans offered by a dealer to buy a car with an interest rate generally higher than a traditional loan.
  • Credit card financing: You can access if your credit card limit allows it and you will not pay interest for a period of time if your card admits 0% interest on the purchase of a car.