Where can I spend my grocery vouchers

Do you have pantry vouchers and you don’t know where to spend them? Which are the establishments that accept them? Well, it is an issue that interests you and that you should take advantage of, do you know what they are? And … an effective one, do you know it? The gasoline ones? Do you have their vouchers and you don’t know where to spend them? Where do you accept edenred?

As you realize, there are many questions that you are interested in knowing their answer and that answer you will know with the information below:

What are food vouchers for?

  1. The pantry vouchers They are a benefit for you because the first thing that comes to your mind is the pantry, but nevertheless with the vouchers you can also make the purchase of other products.
  2. If your employer gives you this bonus, you should know that they are accepted as a means of payment without having to pay with your card or cash.
  3. Although at one time they could only be used for pantry products, today you can take advantage of them to buy in department stores, opticians, haberdasheries, hardware stores, bookstores, pharmacies, shoe stores, supermarkets and convenience stores, unless you want to buy cigarettes or alcoholic beverages that are not included in the products allowed to be purchased with the vouchers.

What are the grocery vouchers?

You know What are the grocery vouchers?, because your employer can give them to you as a benefit that is beneficial to you as an electronic or paper card, although the electronic card is the most common modality and it is also easier for you to handle.

  1. The vouchers have a variable amount in terms of their caps depending on whether it is the ISR or the IMSS.
  2. If it is the ISR cap, it is 30 days above the minimum wage.
  3. If it is at the top of the IMSS (the most usual), it is also 30 days of the minimum wage but it is multiplied by 40% of the wage.
  4. In the same vouchers you can check the balance and even know the participating stores with a directory of them and you can also get discounts and promotions that are personalized either through the App or online.
  5. Even when it comes to Efectivale and Edenred, you can check the movements in real time, in addition to unlocking the card or blocking it if you need it.
  6. They also have a geolocator so that you can know the shops where you can go and are closest thanks to the directory of establishments according to their type.

What is an efective?

You know What is an efective?, because it is known as a financial product that the company where you work provides you with food vouchers and that are accepted in Mexico in a large number of establishments.

  1. They are vouchers printed by the Efecticards that are backed by MasterCard or Carnet.
  2. They can be fuel, corporate Efecticard, pantry, food, travel or Christmas voucher
  3. The Efectivale, are accepted in several shops such as:

Grocery Fox, Toks Restaurants, San Pablo Pharmacy, El Globo Bakery, Guadalajara Pharmacy, Aurera Winery, Savings Pharmacy, Home Depot, Subway …

Superama, Carls JR, Liverpool, Pizza Hut, Walmart among many more.

  1. Well, there are thousands of establishments that accept this means of payment and by going to the Efectivale platform you can make the query in Consult affiliated establishments.
  2. Then you will indicate if you have a card or vouchers, state, delegation or municipality and you will capture the security code so that you can see where the closest shops are located where you can make the payment with Efectivale.

What are gas vouchers?

  1. You want to know What are gas vouchers?, as they are the solution so that you can control your fleet, the administration and you can also monitor the cost of fuel according to the logistics and needs of the company.
  2. Some companies can do an online check while others can get a monthly report.
  3. In any case it is a benefit because it is possible to have the report online.
  4. It is also beneficial because in addition to controlling the cost of gasoline, you reduce the time to bill it.
  5. It offers you to choose the level of control of expenses of the fleet for each of the vehicles with consumption options according to days, weights, holidays, hours and liters.
  6. It offers you a list of the service stations that are or are not authorized in addition to the type of fuel, whether diesel, Premium or Magna, as well as the license plates of the vehicles authorized to refuel.

How to find edenred pantry vouchers where they are accepted?

To know edenred pantry vouchers where they accept them it is very easy if you follow the following step by step:

Step 1: First of all you must access https://usuarios.edenred.com.mx/directorio/

Step 2: As soon as you enter, you will see a dialog box where you must write the name of the establishment you are looking for in order to know its address on the map that the page shows you.

Step 3: If you have doubts and simply want to see the names of the establishments, as there are thousands and you can see them when you click on the icon with three horizontal stripes.

Step 4: Among the thousands of establishments you will find the address of Ingenia Muebles Cinemex, Marchand Cruces, Grupo Papelero Gutiérrez branch E, Sucursal N, branch P, branch R, Zapatería Las Vegas Lázaro Cárdenas, 7 Eleven September 16, 7 Eleven Motolina, 7 Eleven Alameda Central, 7 Eleven Balderas, 7 Eleven Latino, 7 Eleven Luis Moya, 7 Eleven Centro Histórico, 7 Eleven Tacuba Museums, 7 Eleven Valenzuela, 7 Eleven Emilio Zapata, 7 Eleven de Sep # 5 and Gante, 7 Eleven Suárez.

Stardance, Anforama Tacuba, Farmacia del Ahorro Suc. López, Vertiche September 16, Devlyn López, Aldo Conti September 16 III, Copel Uruguay, Farmacias El Fénix, Waldo’s Centro Arrea 8, Bodega Aurera Express Pino Suárez, Neto Manuel Doblado Stores,

Nueva Juárez, De Dios Centro, Vip’s Bolívar, Sushi Roll Centro Histórico, Sushi Itto Parque Alameda, Garabatos Centro, Palacio de Hierro Rest. Center, Rest. Palacio de Hierro Madero, Extra September 16, Krispy Kreme Madero, Círculo K Madero, Sanborn’s Veracruz, Sanborns Isabel La Católica, Sanborns Madero, Sanborn’s Café Suárez.

Los Bisquet’s Bisquet’s Obrego, El Globo Isla México Mart, Nutrisa Isabel La Católica, Day Light Salads Madero, Domino’s Pizza Metro Hidalgo, Domino’s Pizza Corregidora, Burger King Corregidora, Burger King Madero.

Italianni’s Alameda, El Globo Centro, Nutrisa Eje Central Lázaro Cár, El Globo Torre Latinoamericana, Sn Pablo Centro Pharmacy, Aldo Conti 5 de Mayo, Che Boludo, Neo Ferrocarril Stores. Nosaco and many more.