Where and how to get free domains?

You need to know about the free domains why did you decide to create your website? Well, in principle you know that there is a payment method but you can also take advantage of the free ones and you will find important information below because although you can get some for free, others will offer it if you buy a package with paid accommodation, then in this circumstance the domain will be free because you will already be paying for the hosting, so it is not really free.

Free domain options

There are several options for free domains, because first of all you know that it will be the name of your web page with an extension such as for example.com or for example.net among other extensions:

  1. Bluehost is one of the examples you read earlier in which when you buy a package with web hosting it offers you a free domain. Even if you want a “.com” extension which is difficult to get due to high demand, for $ 2.95 per month it offers you the free domain that you prefer, that is “.com”

The $ 2.95 package includes hosting, a free “.com” domain, a WordPress website, and up to 5 email accounts.

  1. Wix offers you the free “.com” domain for one year if you buy a package of $ 11 per month with a bandwidth of 2GB, storage of 3GB or for $ 14 in addition to the free domain it offers you a storage of 10GB with unlimited bandwidth.

But after that first year you will owe for the corresponding fee for the domain.

  1. DreamHost it also offers you a free “.com” domain for one year. It has annual DreamPress hosting plans from> $ 16.95 per month, the unlimited shared mode, Share Unlimited from $ 5.95 per month.
  2. Weebly offers you to create your website with a free domain such as weebly.com with ads created by Weebly.

The free mode has unlimited storage and an advertisement at the bottom of the page that invites you to register with Weedly.

  1. Dopt.tk It offers you a domain like for example.tk free for a year and at no cost it offers you extensions gp, cf and ml.
  2. Bz.nf offers you a free domain like for example.co.nf for an unlimited time if you use that domain with a hosting that Biz.nf offers. File upload is limited to 15MB and you get 5GB monthly traffic.

Where to find free web domains

If you want to find free web domains you really have some alternatives like:

  1. Freenom offers you the registration of your domain with extensions gp, cf, ga, ml and tk.

Entering the website write the name you want in Find a new free domain and you will check availability.

Then you will see what are the free extensions for the name you chose.

When you’ve chosen the exemption, click Get it now and check out.

Then you will see the summary of the chosen domain with the options Redirect to this domain or Use DNS.

If you have a domain to redirect you will choose the option Use DNS and in this option if you did not hire a hosting, you will indicate IP from Freedom so that you can continue with the free domain registration.

In selector 3 [email protected] you will choose the registration time for the free domain.

You will see as an option 3 months and you will change it for 12 [email protected] and you will have your domain free for 1 year.

  1. Dominios.free is another option for your free and generic domain that was requested at ICAAN.
  2. Dominiosa1.gratis offers you to register your domain quickly and easily without any hidden cost.

You just have to enter the domain you want to register and see all the extensions that are available and then you will register your domain.

How to find free domain Spain

If you want to find free domain Spain you should take into account the following:

  1. When you start a project on the internet you need a domain name, but it is also necessary that you hire a web hosting, because when you acquire a free domain you do not have a guaranteed hosting plan.
  2. In this sense, you have web hosting packages that include the domain for free for a year without large investments and you will have your website with a good design and they are also the ones that have the extension “.com”
  3. However, both in Spain and in other countries there are extensions that do not have any cost with a duration of one year as ccTLP.
  4. For example Biz.ly provides a free domain and free web hosting and management with pre-installed tools.
  5. XYZ, is an ideal free domain if you are just starting your project on the internet.
  6. GQ, GA, CF and ML are free extensions from 1 to 12 months on Freenom that cost $ 7 to renew.
  7. Free platforms like Wix, Jimdo, Weebly, Tumblr, Blogger, and WordPress.com are also easy to manage.
  8. In addition to being free and easy to manage, they have good web positioning but the customization functions are limited.

Where to get free hosting and domain

If you want to get free hosting and domain You also have several alternatives such as:

  1. Mihodting.com offers you 3 months free to try it. You do not require any payment. You can install different plans, although by default you will install the H39 plan and you can only install one.

As it is a free account, it will go through the verification process and after being reviewed by the technicians you will be able to install your hosting immediately.

Keep in mind that the domain is always free with any of the plans.

  1. Eshost offers you free hosting with MySQL and PHP support without advertising, with a disk space of 1000MB and monthly transfer of 10GB.

You have different subdomain options and you will create your website for example.eshodt.com.es. It has MySQL, PHO5, FTP, Cpanel support, script with automatic installation to install several such as osCommnerce, Joomla e107, CteNews, WordPress, etc.

Where to register domains for free

In order to register free domains you have the following option:

Ionos.com offers several free extensions with quick installation with no initial or minimal cost. You receive the free domain for twelve months and support every day of the year at any time.

However, although there is the possibility that you have a free domain, think that if you intend to start your project on the internet in a professional way, it is best that you always think of a payment method since its cost is minimal.