What you should know about tax preparation in Spanish

The Tax preparation It is not an easy task and when you have to do it in another language that you do not master correctly, it becomes much more complicated.

For this reason, if your intention is to prepare them in Spanish, someone can do it for you, since in your community you can find volunteers to help you, but you can also do it online.

IRS tax preparation

The IRS offers you a program called Free file with which you prepare and file your federal return electronically, and you do it for free.

Well, this program involves software companies that make their products available in Spanish to the IRS.

So if you can prepare them yourself without the help of your community who can give you free help or turn to these companies that prepare tax returns for a fee, why will you pay for something that you can do yourself for free?

1.If your gross salary is $ 57,000 or less, you can make use of free tax filing software, as certain companies offer you to prepare both state and federal tax returns for free through an e-filer.

  1. Tax Slayer is one of the software company that you can turn to to help you prepare your taxes in Spanish for free.
  2. Sói-I.Can is another company that offers the preparation of federal and state tax returns for only some stages and for free.
  3. The IRS offers you forms that you can fill out and download online if your salary exceeds $ 57,000. You can fill them out in Spanish and they are designed so that without knowing the English language you use your own language and it is easy for you to file your federal tax return since it is not an option for the state tax return.
  4. The AARP Foundation offers you a program to help you with tax services, deductions, and tax credits that may apply.

This is a free service. If you need advice, you can approach an AARP Tax Aide near your home.

AARP has a website in Spanish where you can get information about tax exemptions,

  1. The IRS has TeleStax in English and Spanish where you can ask all the questions you need to solve by calling at any time of the day, seven days a week at 1-800-829-4477.

The IRS also has a taxpayer assistance center with multilingual assistance, so when you communicate it can answer your question in your own language.

Tax preparation course

Even if you have many doubts and do not want to make a mistake in the Tax preparation You can think of a course that will then take you to teach other taxpayers with your preparation of tax returns, for example:

H & R Blocl Income tax course

It offers you a tax course in its more than 10 thousand establishments, therefore you will always find a location near your home to start the course and gain experience, since it gives classes is an easy way for you to learn everything you need to know about taxes, as classes include classroom instruction, activities, and Spanish translation when required.

Once you gain experience and knowledge, you can think about working as a tax leader, since H & Block offers you job opportunities to increase your salary with continuing education and flexible hours.

In the tax preparation course you will learn tax theory, current tax laws, tax filing practices, skills to prepare the tax return, techniques and communication skills with the client in 60 hours of classes.

You will also learn:

Professional and interactive discussions, instructor assistance, you’ll get hands-on with the latest tax software, and real-world tax preparation exercises. All this with an electronic book in Spanish.

When you graduate you receive: the H&R Bock certification as a certificate of completion of the course.

Class schedules are flexible and eligible.

The topics are:

  • Introduction and description of wages.
  • Income and taxes.
  • Requirements for filing the tax return.
  • Statements Related to Exemptions for Dependents.
  • Dividends and accrued interest.
  • Income adjustments.
  • Education credits.

You will learn everything about Form 1040 to gain experience preparing tax returns by investigating the tax issues that affect most individual and non-business taxpayers with the basics of tax returns.

When you complete the ITS, a comprehensive tax course with 60 hours and no prerequisites, you will receive the qualification to employ or self-employ as a tax professional.

The program allows you to prepare basic and complex individual forms, the 1065 for companies, the 1120 and the 1120S for small businesses.

Online tax preparation course

Platinumprostudies, offers you a bank of questions to train you on IRS taxes.

It is a free course on IR taxes. At the top right of the website you will find the login button to access the course.

Create a new account with your username and password provided when creating the account and you will log in by clicking on free IRS tax course.

Click on access to my IRS tax class and put your knowledge to the test.

The Tax College

Be part of WorldWideWeb Tax, Inc. It offers you tax courses, from which you earn IRS continuing education credits and acquire everything you need to be a tax preparer and start your business.

Well, if you are thinking of a fast and free online tax course that is also taught by tax professionals instead of university professors, The Tax College offers you what you are looking for with a free tax education.

In fact, most Americans prepare their returns through tax professionals, therefore you will be entering a good market and starting a profitable tax preparation business either in your office or at home.

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