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What services does century link in spanish offer, benefits and risks

You want to hire century link english but you don’t know what services you can access? Then it is convenient for you to continue reading the information below because you will know everything about the services so that when you call to hire you will already know which is the plan that best suits you according to your needs.

Well, it is a company that continues to grow despite the 3 million customers who have already hired the service and are satisfied not only by the quality of the plan they decided to hire but also because they know that the company offers technical service every day of the year during 24 hours:

What services does century link español offer?

Century link english It offers you several packages and you can even build your own package according to your needs, for example:

  1. The Internet and TV package is a combination of your favorite DIRECTV and Internet package.
  2. The triple package that consists of home phone, DIRECTV and internet. This is a package that suits you because you get three services together grouped into one package.
  3. It also offers you special offers such as high-speed internet with different speeds that are available according to your needs thanks to the expansion of the Fiber Internet network that offers you up to 1 Gig whenever this speed is available in your area and you can even connect several devices with wi-fi in your home.
  4. The century link Price for life plan is a plan whereby you agree to the price for life, that is, you will not worry about the contract or the price increase. You keep the internet rate in the long term as long as you continue with the century link Price for life plan.
  5. In short, you save by receiving more services for a lower price. For example, you can contract the century link telephone service and the century link high speed service and you will get both services for an affordable price.
  6. The telephone service guarantees you stability, anonymous call rejection function, unlimited national calls and long distance calling options.

How does centurylink internet en espanol work?

1.Century link internet in spanish it works in the areas with full coverage with a speed from 20 Mbps.

  1. In selected metropolitan areas it offers fiber optic internet with a speed of up to 1 Gig.
  2. Well, some speeds are probably not available in your area, since the internet speed is variable according to your equipment as a client and your location as matters that are outside the control of the network.
  3. High speed internet is a private and uninterrupted broadband connection.
  4. It offers you the possibility of installing your internet connection for free with a free self-installation kit and you can do it in an easy and fast way.
  5. You get an internet connection called century link pure broadband which means that you will have your own connection without sharing the cable with your neighbors, the connection belongs to you and no one else.
  6. It also offers you an online platform for broadcasting TV shows, email addresses for your whole family and a customizable home page.
  7. Internet packages combine home phone service with a monthly bill.
  8. In other words, you will not pay for the two services separately but in a single invoice and at the same time you get money savings.
  9. When you get the internet package with a home phone without a term agreement, you get fast speeds.
  10. If you are used to managing your financial situation online, you will get a fast connection to buy online and pay your bills and you even get protection against viruses, up to 5 Gb of storage and automatic backup.
  11. Online security is century [email protected], a support, security and backup service.
  12. century [email protected] It is an affordable service that you get for a monthly fee and you are assured that you have protection with superior online security, anti virus protection, parental controls, spam control, firewalls, and spamware protection.
  13. With century [email protected] you have the ability to share online, make a quick recovery, an automatic backup and 5 Gb of storage so you can share and store music and photos and ultimately all your downloads.
  14. You also get the assurance that your PC will always be protected with a 7/24 support service, repair and remote web assistance and if you have several computers at home, it offers you multiple PC repair.
  15. You can order century [email protected] entering Complete the form with your first name, last name, phone number, zip code and click Submit and a representative will contact you.
  16. You can also call the number 1 8733 289 1275 and you will receive advice from an expert online representative.
  17. To find out if the high-speed service is available in your area, go to then click on the city that corresponds to you and on the next screen you must enter your zip code in the form to Get information on internet plans available in your area.

How to contact centurylink customer service in Spanish

To contact with centurylink customer service in Spanish You have the option of several phone numbers to call according to the problem that arises, for example:

  1. If you have internet problems, you can contact internet technical support at: 877 348 9005.
  2. If you have problems with the telephone service, you can call technical support at: 877 348 9007.
  3. If you have problems with Prims TV, you can contact technical support at 866 314 4148.
  4. In the event that you want to cancel the service, you can contact the phone number: 877 803 8414.
  5. If you want to make a query about your account or billing, you can contact: 877 348 9005.
  6. If you have problems with the payment, you can contact the support of problems with the payment: 800 423 8994.

Www centurylink com en espanol

  1. Www centurylink com en espanol is the company’s website. If you enter, you can contract the service to your measure with a contractual or non-contractual plan and even contract your price lock guarantee plan for three years so that you can maintain the price without a contract for 3 years.
  2. It offers you 7/24 support.
  3. If you want to know if the service is available in your area, you can call 1 888 781 8044.