What permits do you need to set up an exchange house in Laredo Texas?

You are about to read the steps to know the Permits are needed to set up an exchange house in Laredo TexasSince there are several, I recommend that you take note to comply with what is required by Laredo law.

I will take you by the hand so that you can register your exchange house with the necessary permits, since it is a company that as such needs licenses and permits like any other business as if you offered an acupuncture service or if you installed alarms or air conditioners. air, because although the task is very different, it will always be about opening a business.

Registration to obtain permits is needed to set up a currency exchange in Laredo Texas

But since you look for the permits are needed to set up a currency exchange in Laredo TexaFirst of all, you must register as an exchange center by sending or submitting a letter to the national securities banking commission with the signature corresponding to the legal representative.

Said writing requires the company name or the name of the company that needs to be entered in the registry.

In the name you must add a fundamental expression “exchange center“In accordance with the provisions of the article 81-B according to the general law of organizations and the auxiliary credit authorities.

Include the address where you will receive the documents and notifications and if necessary add the full name of those who are authorized to receive this documentation.

As attorney-in-fact of the corporation or legal representative and interested party, you must present:

Without abbreviating the full name.

A copy of the unique key of the federal taxpayer registry and the one of the population registry.

Include a phone number with the long distance code if necessary and email.

It also includes a certified copy of the public document where the legal powers of the legal representative are reflected so that they can carry out the acts of administration or a power of attorney for the request in order to be granted the registration of the corporation that will be an exchange center.

Official identification for permits is needed to set up a currency exchange in Laredo Texas

Make a certified copy of the public instrument where the constitution of the company is established, where it proves that you formed a public limited company.

And it indicates that it has a social objective according to what is established in article 81-A and 81-B according to the general law of auxiliary credit organizations and activities.

It states that if you carry out other activities, their development is strictly limited to the corporate purpose, providing that shareholders are obliged to send a report on the transfer of shares that have been carried out to the company’s administration.

And also the shareholders who are managed individually or as a team in the exchange center, comply with what is established in the 50th provision corresponding to the general provisions.

According to article 95 bis that indicates the general law of auxiliary credit organizations and activities that applies to exchange centers referred to in article 81-A of the ordinance.

In the registry of exchange centers and money transmitters, you must register to establish your company as an exchange center, as this act will be recorded in the public deed.

In the corresponding public registry of commerce you will register the first testimony of the public deed.

Leave a record of the commercial name you have chosen so that you can operate as a company.

Make a copy of the federal taxpayer registry that corresponds to the company, as you will need them to present.

Indicate the main address where the office will be located including:

The name of the street, if it is an avenue, a road, includes the number, if it is exterior or interior, indicates the neighborhood if applicable, the postal code, to which municipality the address belongs, the delegation and the federal entity. But remember that at the same time you must attach a proof of address.

You must have an opinion in your favor on the detection, prevention, omissions, operations and the report of acts that could be located in what is indicated as assumptions in article 400 bis of the federal criminal code or 139.

All this information must be presented in an Excel document, that is, an electronic file, in which in each column you will write: name, street, number, neighborhood, city or municipality, state, postal code, telephone, email.

Remember to indicate to all the people who directly or indirectly participate in the capital stock, indicating the amount that has been contributed by each of them and the percentage that corresponds to the shareholding.

There may also be the case that legal persons, or trusts also participate directly or indirectly, because in this case you must attach a copy of the public instrument, of course a certified copy with evidence of the participation of vehicles, trusts or persons. morals.

This information must also be presented in an Excel document indicating in each column: legal entities: company name or denomination; natural persons: name, paternal surname, maternal surname; trusts: contract number; vehicles, trusts, legal entities and individuals: percentage of participation.

Attach the copy of the official identification corresponding to the people you have listed in Excel.

The administrators of the company must have your credit information, as these reports are attached.

In turn, the administrators and shareholders must sign a document stating under protest to tell the truth and noting that they do not present an irrevocable sentence that corresponds to a fraudulent crime and that implies a penalty that exceeds one year in prison.

They must also indicate that they do not suffer administrative suspension or are disqualified from engaging in business, for the performance of a commission, position or employment in the public service or the financial system.

Therefore, moral solvency is one of their virtues and in the event that they are part of a trade association, they must attach a simple copy of the instrument that proves that they are part of it as members.

By complying with all that the registration requires, you will have obtained the permission to put an exchange house in Laredo, Texas.

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