What permits do I need to start a business in Houston Texas?

You worry about knowing what permits I need to start a business in Houston TexasToday you are about to know all the details so that your business works legally and you do not suffer any problem with the advice you are about to read.

When you think about starting your business you know that you will face certain risks that may be few or many. Poro focusing on Texas state You should know that he is trying to keep enterprising people like you out of the bureaucracy so that they can focus and concentrate on the business without wasting time.

For example, if you plan to establish your business in a shopping center or prefer to offer services, you will need a special type of training to run your business.What permits do I need to start a business in Houston Texas?

Permits to start a business in Houston Texas Partnership or sole proprietorship

Before knowing the permits to start a business in Houston Texas, you must decide the type of structure of your business according to your situation, since it can form a collective society or just start as Single owner.

LLCAlthough at first glance it would seem an easy decision, there are certain aspects that you should consider, because a LLC or limited liability company As a corporate model consider your personal assets separate from your business. For example, your private home is a personal asset that, as it has nothing to do with your business, will not be compromised in the event that you have a debt or in the case of a lawsuit against your business.

This step is very important because the structure you have chosen will depend on the registration of your business. Anyway LLCs and sole proprietors are registered in the county, while if you chose to form a corporation you must register your business in the Texas Secretary of State.

The IRS: What Permits Do I Need to Start a Business in Houston Texas

IRSYou need to request the IRS, is he Internal Revenue Services Employer Identification Number, for which you must already have with you the EIN depending on whether you can carry out control of your business when you use the social security number which in turn controls the personal tax return.

Well the EIN It will be very useful when you need to establish credit for your business or when you need to open a corporate checking account and to present the withholding statement to the employees you have hired.

EINThe EIN is the acronym in English for employer identification number that you will use to file the business tax return, either quarterly or annually and it will even be used to hire your employees.

To apply for the EIN you will need to have with you the certificate of assumed name, complete the form SS-4 that corresponds to the IRS, the ITIN or social security.

You need to obtain the sales permit by registering in the texas registry and you may even need certain licenses depending on the type of business and pay taxes such as the franchise that is mandatory for all companies established in Texas.

You must comply with the unemployment record and have the worker’s compensation insurance, based on complying with employee regulations in addition to complying with what the state imposes based on federal tax regulations such as employee income tax. All records can be generated online from the official site of the state of Texas.

Formal registration of your business requires the certificate of assumed name, which is registered with the State of Texas according to your address, whether you register a non-profit association or an LLC based on obtaining the DBA, for which you will need:

The consular registration or Texas license and you will need to pay the fee corresponding to the certificate. You should have at least three names in mind as options for your business.

You also need the sales permit, the Sales tax permit, as it will be useful for the purchase of products or contract services to which 8.25% is withheld as state tax, which you will report quarterly to the Comptroller’s Office.

Additional permits for local businesses in Texas Houston

If you need a place to establish your business you will need to request the certificate of occupancy, is the permission that corresponds according to the activity of your business.

You will be granted the permit after an inspector controls the infrastructure of your premises including the bathrooms, ceilings, walls, foundations and emergency exits.

After that a second inspector will control the electric system including among other things the parking lot, the sign of the premises and the pipes.

You can require the control of a third inspector in case you have thought open a restaurant, which you must request at the public health department.

The third inspector will check the entire kitchen including commercial refrigerators, commercial dishwashers, grease extractor and commercial oven. If after the inspection everything works correctly, they can issue you the health permit.

If you establish a business that needs contractors, you must have commercial insurance that will cover damages according to your activity.

Keep in mind that depending on the activity you carry out, you can receive checks, therefore you will need to open a bank account.

Choose the bank that suits you best, but you will always require a certificate of assumed name, the consular registration or driver’s license and the EIN.