What is the Opening License? – When is it necessary?

The opening license is one of the many procedures that entrepreneurs have to undergo in this country when they start a business. Most businesses need a location, and in order to open it to the public, this license is required.

When we open a business, we are supposed to cause inconvenience to the people who live around us, and that is why the municipalities ask for these licenses, since before giving them it is assumed that this administration studies whether the business can cause inconvenience.

In addition, it is normal for a period to open in which the people affected by the opening of the premises can make allegations, in which they explain why they oppose the opening of this business.

Business opening license

Opening license application

As always, with an example everything is much clearer. Let’s imagine that I want to open a bakery in my area. The bakeries are opened in urban areas, next to the houses since the more neighbors we have, the more possibilities to sell we will have.

The bakery is a place that can cause inconvenience. You work nights, you have to receive supplies, you make noises, etc. To open it, you have to ask for the opening license, for a technician to certify that the neighbors will not be disturbed.

Until the council technician gives his approval, and therefore grants the opening license, the bakery will not be able to openas it is believed that it can cause problems for the neighbors.

The opening license is personalSo if you have taken over the transfer of a business, you will have to ask for it again, and the same if you have done important works. As you can see, all this is aimed at opening your business complying with current regulations and not causing problems for anyone.

It is a heavy procedure, but one that is very complicated as long as your business complies with the municipal regulations in force on that date.

Where to get the business opening license in Spain?

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