What is the best web hosting service today?

What must a web hosting service have to be considered good or excellent?

At the time of making this list I have been very cautious with some factors that I take as a fundamental factor when hiring a hosting company for my blogs or future niches. They are: quantification of server resources, Checking the reputation of each web hosting company, Checking for additional resources.

Quantification of server resources

First we must know how many resources we will consume; to be able to determine which hosting provider can offer the plan we need. The funds are usually: disk space, bandwidth and the number of sites hosted. Despite being heavily criticized, the unlimited site hosting service is a great solution because most people don’t know that it will consume a lot of resources. Some of the best web hosting providers currently offer unlimited plans and others that put a limit on both space and bandwidth that can be used, as you can see in this list that I showed you earlier.

Check the reputation of each web hosting company

After determining the companies offering the service with the resources we need, we have to look at the reputation of the web host. Is the hosting provider a company with experience of several years of work? o Do you have a wide portfolio of satisfied customers? Does the company have a history of many complaints about its services? Does the company have a physical office? Is she an individual project or a multidisciplinary team capable of satisfying satisfaction? All this I analyze and take it very seriously since the future of my blogs depends on how many layers the web hosting companies are, that is why the results published in this article are the result of long research and many years of work, They give me the experience of being able to give an opinion on whether a company is good or bad. It can be said that choosing a company with a good reputation is safe when it comes to guaranteeing good service and satisfaction.

Check for additional resources

Now that we have seen about the resources and reputation that are essential requirements, the next step is to check the additional features that come along with the contracted hosting plan for your sites. If you are a beginner, a must-have item is the control panel or cPanel. With it you can do almost everything intuitively and in a very easy way on the same page of your browser, even without knowing anything about web hosting sites. Of course, there are other cheaper or open source panels, but here is your intuition to see what benefits you will receive in exchange for an alternative control panel. Example: those who don’t use reputable dashboards generally offer more features from the same price competitors. Closed benefits that only a few can offer: dedicated IP, SSL certificates and free domain registration (hired a hosting plan with them; but in reality the domain is free for only one year since at the end of the first year you will have to pay to continue using that domain name).

And last but not least, we put two extremely important articles, not to say necessary and fundamental, since without them the previous requirements would almost have no value: the level of support(Customer service) and obviously the price when hiring a web hosting.

Technical support level

Nobody wants to wait days for a response from technical support, so if you had other more important problems to solve you cannot do it because if the support does not respond it will not solve your doubts therefore it will be up to you to solve the problems of your hired server.

It is undesirable to take your site offline, losing visitors, customers, and revenue while waiting for your server to be repaired. Or hire a web hosting plan and be left without knowing how to put the site without any guarantee given by the hosting company. One means of solutions to avoid falling into this situation is to speak with the company to chat, by support ticket or by email and check the degree of effectiveness of the responses (did she say what you wanted to hear?), And the response time (How long did it take to answer you?).

Another important thing is to see if the provider you have chosen has the 24/7 call service enabled “24/7/365 support” because only the best providers can offer this type of coverage to all those on the list.

Price of web hosting plans

For the average user, a good price would be in the range of up to $ 2 to $ 10 per month. For a slightly more advanced user who needs for example SSL certificate and dedicated IP, to open an e-commerce site, for example, a good price would be up to $ 25 to $ 50 per month. But that is not the rule. Here in the list you will find several prices that will surely fit your pocket, the prices mentioned in the list are indicative and may vary but the main emphasis that I make is, if the product or web hosting service that I am going to hire is worth the money that I am or will invest in said hosting company.

Money back

This is a requirement that not everyone gives a lot of importance to, but this is also a factor of relevance and importance, since not all hosting companies offer a reimbursement plan or have this specified in their policies; before you hire a web hosting plan. Except for those that you add to the list, if they have money-back policies in case you do not agree or you did not feel completely comfortable with their services, for this you can contact their technical support for guidance. how to get a full refund of your money. But you also have to be very clear that when hiring such web hosting services, you have a time specified in the contract before hiring, which in most cases is 30 days or up to 90 days, that is, finished that time you will not be entitled to receive your money back.

I wanted to make all these points very clear, since not all of them specify why one hosting company is better than the other and with these points you can identify for yourself if a good hosting provider for your websites or blogs.

I hope this article is to your liking since I think that I would also have to give my opinion on the famous and repeated question about “What is the best web hosting service today?“. Over time I will update this article to provide users of this blog with the best information and that it is current and informative information, greetings.

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Disclosure: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We tested and reviewed the web hosting sites ranked here. We are owned independently and the opinions expressed here are our own.

Divulgation: We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products are reviewed. We have tested and reviewed the classified web hosting sites here. They are independently owned by us and the opinions expressed here are our own.

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