What is software technology engineering?

The software technology engineer He graduates from a career with a great training that not only has to do with software systems, it is much more solid and performs many other tasks related to the phases that correspond to software.

What does the software technology engineer specialize in?

The software technology engineer In addition to specializing in software systems, his career extends to:

  1. Once graduated, the engineer deals with the development of solutions that correspond to hardware and platforms, with a focus on small devices that interact with others within their environment.
  2. Directs and performs the work of the phases that correspond to the life cycle of applications, products and software with the aim of solving problems within the industry.
  3. Apply techniques, scientific knowledge and methods of software engineering in smart systems and mobile devices.

Software Technology Engineer Characteristics

There are several characteristics that meet the profile of a software technology engineer:

1. He is a professional whose training extends far beyond computing, as he applies his conscience to legal, social, economic, and ethical aspects and also applies them to the human dimension.

  1. He is responsible in organizations at the managerial and technical level.
  2. He can be the director of a technological project, develop it and with the ability to communicate it clearly in order to lead a work team as well as having the ability to continue his training over time.
  3. You can use and learn new tools and methods that are emerging.
  4. In this way, he becomes a versatile professional with enough value for organizations that apply the innovations that are presented at all times.
  5. They can exercise the verification, control, implementation, specification, maintenance and design of software systems in order to meet what users need.
  6. He is a professional with the ability to make a hypothesis with the aim of generating techniques within the mathematical language and also solves through computational and analytical techniques.
  7. Your role is to choose the correct method of solving engineering problems so that the solution is applicable and complies with safety and quality policies.
  8. His training is so solid that it allows him to venture into both mathematics and physics, since in this way he is suitable for the development of intelligent device systems, integrated software and can innovate in solutions.
  9. Applies software and information technology in the environment applying computer science and engineering.
  10. He has the capacity for synthesis and analysis, thanks to mastering the foreign language from this he can apply that ability in solving engineering problems related to software.
  11. Its capacity extends to the development and assimilation of new technologies within the software area.
  12. Given the globalized world, he is a professional with the capacity for interdisciplinary work with ethical and social criteria, since it is the only way he can solve the problems that occur in the environment.

Where a software technology engineer works

1.The work area for a graduate can be several and especially in companies in which mobile computing, integrated systems, platform modeling, software design and development are methodologies that need to be handled by a professional of this category.

  1. In this way, in his area, he is in charge of controlling the stages of a project including programming, technical analysis, conception, documentation and finally he is in charge of training users.
  2. The skills of this type of professional will always be required in the future due to the industry of devices that go on the market for both the home and the automotive industry and even industrial automation also requires that type of skill, which only a graduate engineer of this career can be carried out effectively.

What does a software technology engineer do?

In Mexico, a software technology engineer is in charge of developing, managing and maintaining any software, focusing mainly on development.

Depending on the type of software you develop and of course on the company you generally work for in Mexico, the salary usually averages between 7 and 18 thousand Mexican pesos per month.

Anyway, upon graduation it is possible that you work on your own offering your services as another job opportunity, in addition to working for a company, investing for it and with the aim of finding growth with your profession.

Although the main thing to create an application is programming, it takes care of managing the project so that it can be developed in a specific period of time and adjusted to a specific budget.

Therefore, it analyzes the situation previously, to then design the project, develop the software, carry out all the tests that affirm that it works correctly and that it can be implemented in the system.

The software life cycle is part of the software process with its four stages in a precise order: the conception of the project, the elaboration of the project, the construction of the project and finally the transition of the project.

What are the software engineering processes?

The conception of the software establishes where the project is heading, including the development of the type of business, prepares the project plan with the details of the characteristics and with the fundamentals of the architecture.

In construction the product is developed and in the transition the finished product is transferred to the users.

This is the complete cycle and then the software is maintained and it is when the engineering is in charge of solving the problems that can be recognized by the users, then updates are included so that the requirements that occur in the market can be covered.

New developments are included in the maintenance phase so that the software meets the needs of a greater number of tasks.

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