What is discrimination and what are the types that exist?

Do you know that there are different types of discrimination? If you feel that you are being discriminated against, you should know that it is an issue that has a presence in all societies, because on the one hand, society has progressed in this aspect throughout history to combat it, but it still persists in many populations either in societies. considered rich as in developing countries.

But you know exactly what it is, what is meant when it comes to discrimination due to or with disabilities? And what are the types that exist in Mexico? To know exactly if you are being discriminated against or someone you know is being discriminated against and how to solve it, it is convenient for you to continue reading because below you will get all the information.

The types of discrimination and what to do to avoid it

Given the different forms that discrimination takes, there are several types of discrimination, but it is important that you know what to do:

1.The type of hair, the color of the eyes, or the color of the skin gives rise to a certain type of discrimination, especially in school, so it is the function of parents to provide their children with an education away from this discrimination that today This day is known as bulling, as children must know how to accept diversity.

2. There are children’s story books that help children accept diversity and are a good option to work not only at school but also within the family environment.

What is discrimination?

You understand What is discrimination? Within social behavior is everything you do or omit either as an individual or in a group and even by an institution towards another person or group causing inequality of opportunities or resources.

It is the violation of human rights, whether due to gender, cup, religion, age, sexual orientation or genetics.

For discrimination to exist, it is not necessary that the harm be applied to a person, but rather that he or she receives less treatment than others.

What is disability discrimination?

You know What is disability discrimination?According to data from the Government of Mexico, people with disabilities are discriminated against because they cannot have a full life because they have been prevented from achieving the rights of housing, education, transportation, work, health, tourism, culture and justice.

  1. To combat this type of discrimination, it created the National Program for the Development and Inclusion of People with Disabilities with the aim of incorporating their rights in the actions or programs of the public administration, improving health services and specialized care in addition promoting actions to improve access to work.
  2. In the United States, there is the Americans with Disabilities Act that considers disability discrimination if an entity or employer treats an employee or applicant unfavorably because of having a disability or a history such as cancer in remission or controlled.

Well, the same law indicates that the employer has the obligation to provide the person with the corresponding accommodation, unless that accommodation involves significant expenses or an onerous shit for the employer.

Who are the people with disabilities?

  1. Then you know Who are the people with disabilities?, since people with long-term sensory, intellectual, mental or physical deficiencies are considered in this way because due to these deficiencies they cannot interact under the same conditions as others.
  2. It is a condition, not a disease, as it is part of the human condition and its diversity as indicated by the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in its article 1 approved by the United Nations General Assembly and law 26378 approved in 2008 in Argentina.
  3. It also indicates that a person with a disability must be inserted into society without needing to be rehabilitated.

What are the types of discrimination?

Within the different, what are the types of discrimination? The following can be cited:

  1. Discrimination against women led to the fight against gender discrimination. In general, in the workplace, women have a lower salary than men occupying the same job and with the same skills.

For years, the woman occupied a social role that forced her to take care of the children and the home, since she lives in marriage and both care of the children and the home should be the obligation of both spouses equally.

There are still countries where women can have an opinion but their opinion has no value.

In countries where discrimination against women is exalted, girls are forced to marry men they do not know and who are much older and even once married they can be beaten or raped without the law protecting them.

Although it would seem that these are issues of tradition in poor countries, countries like Canada or Belgium do not have a law against gender violence.

  1. Sex discrimination is that suffered by people with a different sexual orientation. This is a form of discrimination that empowers the LGTB collective in their struggle.
  2. Sexist discrimination is another form of discrimination in which you look down on a person of the opposite sex. For example, perceiving women as inferior to men just because they are women.
  3. Discrimination due to xenophobia or racism refers to a person’s race or ethnicity. For example, it occurs when you look down on a person or group of people because they have another origin or belong to another race.
  4. Direct discrimination is very easy to detect, for example when you perceive an unfair treatment towards a person only because of their characteristics, for example because of their sexual condition or because they are a woman.
  5. Structural discrimination is that which is applied for the benefit of some people while harming others, but it can be positive when it is applied to favor a group of people who are less favored socially, since in this case it is applied to achieve equity and equality.

But it can also be negative when it is applied to harm people such as those with disabilities and infrastructures are built that do not allow them to carry out a good quality of life.

  1. Individual discrimination is presented with the negative and different treatment of another person without any reason that warrants it.
  2. Collective discrimination also occurs with the different treatment of a group of people, that is to say, a disregard is applied for being different. The clearest example is discrimination against LGTB groups or Islamic groups that practice another religion.

What are the most frequent types of discrimination in Mexico?

  1. The different types of discrimination in Mexico are applied to 20% of the population because of their home or place of residence and because of the appearance of the people.
  2. Among Mexicans, the most typical forms of discrimination are perceived by the difference that people make towards others in the way they speak, the way they dress, their age, their religious creed, and their skin color.
  3. Of the 20% of the Mexican population, 53.1% are women and 56.5% are men who indicated that they were discriminated against because of their height, body weight, skin color and appearance.

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