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What is considered the best beer in the world

You want to know what it is the best beer in the world? When you think of beer, a country like the Czech Republic or Germany, perhaps Belgium, immediately comes to mind and therefore if they ask you this question, you would answer that marjores are made in any of these countries, but you are sure that your answer is the correct one. ? Keep reading and you will be surprised …

What is the best beer in the world

It would not be a mistake if you think that the best beer in the world belongs to these countries because they are known as the largest beer producers.

However World Beer Idol, which is one of the most important events in the beer industry, decided to award the first prize to Spain for the imperial beer Russian Stoutt, a craft beer made in Arriaca, Guadalajara.

Analyzing the decision of those responsible for awarding the first prize to a Spanish craft beer that is manufactured in Yunquera de Henares, it has to be seen that decades ago in each Spanish town there was a beer factory like ice or soda until the arrival of the multinationals and those small factories disappeared into the hands of these multinationals that only offered from then on a type of beer to which the Spanish had to get used to because they did not make another style.

In this way the Spanish were deprived of knowing the various styles of beer and therefore the beer culture began to decline.

Imperial Russian Stout beer

The imperial Russian Stout beer won the first prize for being a beer with a different flavor from dark beer with an alcoholic graduation of 10.1 with body, hints of cocoa, vanilla and coffee, an aroma of old wood and a hint of sweet flavor. All these qualities make it an ideal beer to savor on cold days.

The best beers in the world

According to the World Beer Awards, the entity that each September delivers the award to the best beers in the world within each style.

Given the number of categories, the winners are more than one hundred each year, so it is not possible to cite them all but to name the ones that stand out the most because they belong to the most popular style, for example:

Tongerlo Blond

Tongerlo Bond, is one of the best beers in the world. It is a Belgian lager from the Hatcht brewery, a brewery with more than a century in the brewing industry and maintaining itself as the most important in Belgium and ranking third as the largest on the market.

Brouwerij Malheur

Brouwerij Malheur is a beer recognized by the World Beer Award, with a quadrupel style, made in Flanders, it is the strongest and darkest of those made in this city with a lot of hops and an alcohol content of 12 and spicy and floral notes.

Privatbrauerei Waldhaus

Privatbrauerei Waldhaus, won the award as a German brewery located in the southeast of Germany and for making a style of beer that is recognized worldwide.

Allagash Saison

Allagash Saisones is a beer from Maine’s Portland Brewery, manufactured by Allagash Brewing Company. It is a cloudy Belgian-style beer made with rye, oats and two types of barley with a spicy flavor and an aroma of tropical fruits.

Alpirsbacher Weizen Kristall

Alpirsbacher Weizen Kristall, is a German wheat beer, of the kristallweizen type, characterized by being crystalline without yeast during filtration, with an alcoholic graduation of 5.5 with a pale color and made with waters from the Black Forest spring.

BrewDog 5 AM Saint

BrewDog 5 AM Saint, from the BrewDog Brewery brewery, is a beer with a reddish amber color with a caramelized fruit aroma, made with 5 malts, from which it derives its name, with an alcohol content of 5, with a hint of dry flavor and the bitter touch are characteristics that make it perfect for a pairing with shellfish or fish.

Mort Subite Oude Geuze

Mort Subite Oude Geuze, is a Belgian beer made in the province of Flemish Brabant. Lambi style, it uses spontaneous fermentation yeasts in its manufacture. Word Beer Awards gave him the award for the best sour beer. It is a blond beer whose maturation takes place in oak barrels. It has an alcoholic graduation of 7.2, with notes of grapefruit or lemon.

Morimoto Imperial Pilsner

Morimoto Imperial Pilsner, derived from a microbrewery in Oregon, United States. It’s a strong beer, which earned him the award. It is an imperial pils, strong, with an alcoholic graduation of 8.8. With a golden color, it is a beer with a lot of hops packaged in a 75 cl ceramic bottle with Japanese decoration.

Thornbridge Tzara

Thornbridge Tzara, is a beer made in a microbrewery in the Derbyshire region. It is a beer fermented like ale, but with a maturation like lager, fresh, light that is made with hints of vanilla and fruit and three types of malt.

Schwarzbräu Schneeböckchen

Schwarzbräu Schneeböckchen, from the brewery Schwarzbräu, stands out for the labeling of its bottle commemorating historical events of the Holy Roman Empire, defeated by Swedish troops in 1648, during the Thirty Years’ War concluded with the signing of the Peace of Westphalia.

Legend has it that when the Swedish troops arrived in the city they entered the brewery and empty the beer kegs, that brewery is Schwarzbräu and that is why their beer bottles commemorate this fact.

On the other hand, it is the German brewery with the most awards won both nationally and internationally. As for its beer, it is intense, with a mahogany color due to the type of malt, with an alcohol content of 8.1. During its manufacture, it is stored for twelve weeks in the cold until it reaches the correct alcohol content.

Saison bernice

Saison Bernice, from the Sante Aidairius Brewery in Capitolia, California, is a refreshing, dry beer made from locally sourced various yeasts with an alcohol content of 6.5 and includes Brettanomyces to age the bottle.