What is an HVCA system and what is it for?

What is hvacWhat does that acronym mean? Well, if you know that the letter “H” means heating, the letter “V” means ventilation and the letters “AC” mean air conditioning, you can get an idea about what this system is, but specifically …

What is HVCA: what is its meaning?

Breaking down the acronym, you realize what is HVCA, as it is a mechanical system that can internally control environmental conditions.

That is, you can control the temperature of the room where you are operating through a cooling and heating system while controlling humidity at the same time because by controlling the distribution of the air in the room and its movement, it also has the ability to keep the air clean in that room.

HVCA and what are its systems?

The HVCA system is present in houses, apartments, hotels, offices, industries, submarines, ships and any environment where the environmental conditions can be regulated improved in conjunction with the regulation of humidity by taking in the outside air.

V, is ventilation, it means the air exchange process to be able to provide high quality indoor air by controlling the temperature, replenishing oxygen and eliminating odors, humidity, dust, heat, bacteria and smoke.

At the same time, the external air that circulates in the environment enters the environment, preventing the internal air from stagnating.

Therefore, ventilation allows the exchange of air to the outside and the circulation of air within the environment or building.

Ventilation is the most important thing so that good indoor air quality can be maintained.

Ventilation, heating and air conditioning are functions that are interrelated to be able to provide a good temperature with good air quality inside the environment with acceptable installation costs.

How the HVCA system works

HVCA systems work differently depending on where the installation was made, as some work in small spaces and others in larger environments and will be effective depending on each situation.

AC windows

When it comes to AC windows, the fans emit air through coils, thus improving the separation of heat and cold. The heat is expelled to the outside and introduces cold to the environment.

Split AC

In the case of divided ACs, they are used for areas of greater extension than the windows. It splits the cold on the hot side of the system. The cold side with the cold coil and expansion valve. The air is expelled over the bovine and the refrigerated one is distributed to the different rooms through the air ducts.

HVCA systems

Hvac systems are methods that are used to treat the air by cooling it, heating it, de-unifying it, increasing its quality, generating its movement in order to provide heating, cool the air according to the area in question and regardless of the outside temperature. In other words, if there is hot air outside, it will be renewed and cold air will enter the interior of the building or, on the contrary, if the air is cold outside, it will be renewed so that warm air enters the building.

What does an HVCA technician do?

  1. If you want to be a hvca technician you must travel to the home, office, industry, bank etc. according to where your client is located, since the technician travels to the client’s home to do his work.
  2. Whether you have to repair or install an hvca system you must request and follow the plans with all the specifications.
  3. It begins by connecting the system to the supply line for water, fuel, air lines, and other component.
  4. Then install the electrical wiring, controls, and verify proper operation.

The technician is also in charge of the maintenance and inspection of their clients’ hvca systems, for this you must test each of the components individually to determine if they need to be repaired or are in perfect condition.

You can also repair or replace parts that have worn or are defective.

In other words, as a heating, ventilation and air conditioning technician, you will be in charge of installing, maintaining and repairing the systems that at the same time control the climate of a structure.

As a technician you can specialize in air conditioning, heating or refrigeration and you can also specialize in different types of equipment such as solar heating for homes or commercial refrigeration.

Because today’s equipment is complex, as a technician you must have qualifications, a higher education certificate or a technical school degree. You must have completed an internship of at least 6 months or two years.

How Much Does an HVCA Technician Make?

As for the salaries of HVCA technicians, they oscillate on average in a value greater than 45 thousand dollars a year and if you work by the hour you can earn from 21.89 to 33.10 dollars.

In this sense, and thinking about the prospects for jobs as a hvc technician, an increase is expected as the years go by, either for the installation of systems, maintenance and extensive repair for all types of industry.

Especially considering a recovering construction industry, it is anticipated that this industry will be the majority of the demand for both commercial and residential structures.

These perspectives are seen mostly within the field of technical professionals with formal education, since those who are more familiar with computers and electronics will be the ones who will find more job opportunities because these types of systems use digital controls and require professionals trained in computing. and electronics.

Keep in mind that for you to acquire the degree as HVCA technician You can turn to commercial organizations that will train you in 3 or 5 years with instructions and the possibility of paid internships. And of course you will receive your certification if you pass the exam. However, as each state has its own regulation, by law you must find out in your state if in addition to having certification you have a license required and then you will be a HVCA licensed.

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