What is a socially responsible company, what requirements must it meet

The socially responsible companies They are those that guarantee their employees a good well-being inside and outside the company as well as offering them a work environment in which they can feel part of the organization.

But not only does this identify these types of companies, as they must meet several more requirements to be considered in this way, if you intend for your company to receive this recognition, you should continue reading to find out about such an interesting topic for SMEs and large companies. Business.

How to be one of the socially responsible companies

  1. Be one of the socially responsible companies, is to receive a recognition that Mexico grants to those that promote a good environmental, social and of course also economic environment.
  2. It is a recognition that has the endorsement of one of the philanthropy organizations as long as the company demonstrates a good balance between several important concepts for this distinction.
  3. To start the path towards this recognition, it is necessary for the company to start implementing strategic solutions focused on existing environmental and social problems, for which it can make use of different commercial procedures, then …

Objectives of socially responsible companies

Socially responsible companies aim to:

  1. Promote the best work environment.
  2. Have a vision focused on caring for nature and the environment.
  3. Promote the best development for the surrounding community.
  4. The marketing strategy implemented by the company, in addition to having a quality ethic, must be developed responsibly.

Requirements to be one of the socially responsible companies

1.While having this recognition seems like a difficult task, it is not so complicated if the vision of the company is aimed at a perpetual change and once it has been thoroughly achieved, it is maintained over time, since any type of company can obtain this distinction more There it is a small, medium or large:

  1. Cemefi is the entity to which a representative who will designate the company to carry out the entire procedure to achieve the distinctive must respond.
  2. The company must register and complete the registration by paying the corresponding fee.
  3. By email to [email protected] The company must send the complete registration application, the receipt of the payment of the registration fee and the image of the company logo that is high resolution.
  4. If this is the first time you register your company, you must also attach a description explaining the reason why you want your company to participate and a certification that expresses knowledge about the rules so that your company can obtain recognition.
  5. You must indicate that you know the social responsibility policy, the code of conduct and ethics and everything that relates to the committee.
  6. When you send all the documentation by email, you will start with the registration of your company from www.esr.cemefi.org.
  7. You will see an online questionnaire in which you must attach the information that supports your answers.
  8. When you have finished the registration of your company, Cemefi will send you by email the proof that proves your registration and you will be able to access the electronic system to obtain the badge and you will know the process to participate.
  9. You will even access a scholarship so that you can participate in the introductory workshop on corporate social responsibility and it will train you to use the electronic system.

What is a socially responsible company?

  1. The socially responsible companies They are distinguished by the recognition of the ESR, they have a distinctive but they achieve it after having started a path towards commitment with their workers, with their social environment, with the local community, with their customers and with everything that makes up the supply chain.
  2. They are the ones that comply with all the requirements in a voluntary way, since it is not an obligation but a choice of business way of life for the benefit of all its workers, partners, clients and ultimately apply ethics and commitment to society in general.

Socially responsible companies in Mexico

In Mexico there are several socially responsible companies such as:

1.Cemex is one of the companies recognized with this recognition due to the programs it implements on sustainability and social responsibility.

  1. Bimbo: although it is sometimes criticized for being a very traditionalist company, it is one of the best for its organization and has good social responsibility programs.
  2. Siemens: In Mexico, the German company is located in a green building, has the LEED certification as a leader in the use of sustainable energy, only 8 watts per square meter are necessary. It applies led technology and is also a leader in the low use of water due to the wastewater treatment system it applies.

The 10 ESR socially responsible companies

Not only Cemex is distinguished with this recognition, in Mexico there are many more, so you will read the 10 below:

  1. AXA Insurance.
  2. MVS Radio.
  3. Angeles Group.
  4. Jumex
  5. SuKame.
  6. Toks restaurant.
  7. Femsa Group.
  8. Prodigy MSN.
  9. Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery.
  10. Herbalife.

Socially responsible companies examples

However, in addition to the 10 you just read, other examples of companies that have this badge are:

  1. Telefónica promotes the rejection of child labor by supporting them together with their families so that they can dedicate themselves to studying instead of working.
  2. Home Depot Mexico stands out fundamentally for promoting equal opportunities at work, which is a clear example considering that 43% of the entire workforce are women.
  3. Cuauhtémoc is oriented to promote the care of the environment from a broad and well-balanced responsibility.
  4. Coca Cola: stands out for its philanthropic contributions, promotes a safe and good workplace, and maintains a clear vision of the progress of the community where the company operates.
  5. Cemex: stands out for promoting the development of sustainable communities with the support of groups of people with disabilities and its employees have various programs such as health, corporate volunteering and benefit from a low-priced dining room.
  6. The Herdez group: It stands out fundamentally for its philanthropic actions, understanding them as part of the distribution of value.
  7. Femsa: It shows an excellent work environment due to the low turnover of staff, considering 2.5% and also taking care of the environment, especially the use of water.
  8. HP México: It is the company that shows the greatest concern for the environment in Mexico, it cares about the care of electronic waste and has also shown very low staff turnover.

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