What do I need to start a jewelry business from home

When you think about opening a jewelry business from home You need to think much more than legal issues, because in addition to legalizing all areas of your business, you can start designing your own jewelry, that is, you can make the pieces from scratch if you have the necessary tools and training or you can buy the accounts and other materials to a supplier.

Anyway, in either case, you need to market the jewelry and sell it.

How to market and open a jewelry business from home

To open a jewelry business from home You must follow several steps to stay in compliance with the law and then be able to market your products.

The trade name: Even if it is a home business, you must choose a business name, take time to choose it thinking that that name should convey the message of your creations and also make sure that the chosen name has not been used before.

Make the query to the United States Patent and Trademark Office or the Secretary of State’s office in your state, because in both estates you can perform the search online because they have their official website.

However, before defining the name of your business, check if it is available as a domain name, because it is important since you will need to create a website to display your products.

If you do not have experience in creating a website, you can request the help of a professional or acquire the skills, since it is not a very complicated task if you handle a program like Microsoft Front Page and have a digital camera to publish the images on the web.

Marketing: You must create the marketing material including the business cards because they are the most important thing to integrate your friends and family in addition to visiting the local companies to deliver them, because in the companies of your area you will find customers in quantity as you will also find them in the craft fairs where you must deliver your business card.

Remember to include your email address and your website address on the business card along with some images of your creations.

To start sales you can have parties at your house, sell at art and crafts fairs and you can make a direct sale to merchants. However, in order for you to start the sale, you must have completed all the legal procedures.

Legal concepts to open a jewelry business from home

Licenses and permits: Check with your city and county government for advice on licenses and permits to open a business. jewelry business from home, because you must make sure if your business is zoned to operate it from your home.

Well, you will need to register your business with the secretary of state and prepare all the forms for the payment of taxes. In general, your city government should have all the information you need to start your business legally, but you can also check with your local chamber of commerce, the SBA office and the small development center. business.

Business plan:

Prepare a business plan including the costs of the initial supplies, the ads and the money you will need to keep your business running until it begins to make significant profits and you can also include plans to expand the business with more jewelry or for items that complement the jewelry collections.

Commercial license:

To obtain a business license, you must contact your local licensing department to find out if you need to apply for a business license, as many jurisdictions require that you purchase a business license even if you operate your business from your home.

Name registration:

You must register the fictitious name that you have chosen and make the payment of the corresponding fee. All information can be provided by the local name registration office for the company.

Name ideas for jewelry businesses

When operating a jewelry business since home you should think of a name that defines the brand and that is easy to memorize so that it attracts attention but also reflects your unique and creative style.

Consider that you face a significant disadvantage as it is a competitive industry. Therefore, you should choose a name that gives you professional presence and that relates to terms that customers are familiar with, as choosing the name of your business can be as difficult as choosing the jewelry that your customers will love.

For this reason, to make it easier for you, read the following name ideas and among some of them you can choose the ones you like the most until you decide on the best:

Be adorned, bead adorned, bead assembly, beaded creations, beaded things, fancy crafts, chic and artistic, blue moon,

Classic customs, classic jewelry, creative incarnations, custom chic, diamond sea, bee gem, creative recycling, discoveries, jewelry design, eclectic creations, light up accessories, jewelry and gemstones, made for her, jewelry and pearls, mixed spectrum, new designs of life, new inventions of life.

Pandora’s box, restoration beads, glow, creations, spark shop, energetic recreations, gem gallery, platinum, inexpensive trinkets, treasure gems, treasure box, original jewelry.

Choose 3-5 names from the list and then have your friends and family choose, discard the least chosen until you find the one you liked and your close advisers.

Once the name has been chosen, register it and check that you can register it as the domain name of your website, because in the event that you cannot use it because it is already in use by another website, do not worry because it can look for variants of that same name by adding a word, period or hyphen.

Anyway, if you liked more than one name, you can register all 5, since even though it will be an investment, it is a way to protect them so that no one can use them for at least a year.

Well, once the name is registered, having it legally insured for you legally, you can print the business cards, you will obtain the DBA and you will begin to enjoy your new jewelery business.