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What do I need to start a grocery store in New York?

You ask yourself what do you need to set up a grocery store in New York? Well, first of all you must create a plan according to the type of store you plan to open, because if your idea is to sell drinks or food you will need a license.

But how you must work according to the regulations required by the law of New York keep reading and you will know everything you need.

Structure the business to start a grocery store in New York

As always, it is convenient for you to form a limited liability company that can be integrated by general partners through the execution of a collaboration agreement under article 110 and 121 of the Revised Limited Company Law and the presentation of a Limited Partnership Certificate pursuant to section 2121 and 201 of the revised Limited Partnership Law.

EIN to start a grocery store in New York

In order to set up a grocery store in New York you need a EIN, the employer identification number according to the internal tax service, which is also known as FEIN, federal employer identification number used to identify a business entity.

You also need portable fire extinguishers, as they are an important part of a global fire safety program.

According to regulations FDNY require a number, type and location in the workplace based on the type of business, construction and other concepts. The requirements are found in section 15-02 of Title 3 of the New York City regulations.

Even all New York City businesses are required to recycle and dispose of all types of waste through a licensed go-kart company or a go-kart company that is registered for demolition and construction.

Since you will have employees, you must bear in mind that unemployment benefits are temporary income for the workers you have chosen and they lose their job through no fault of their own.

The New York State unemployment insurance law requires employers to pay taxes to provide unemployment insurance benefits.

Certificate of Authority to Open Grocery Store

In order to set up a grocery store in New York You also need a Certificate of Authority, as you must register with the New York State Department of Tax and Finance where you will be issued the Certificate of Authority, after which sales tax will be paid.

The state of New York protects workers who may suffer a disability due to illness or injury at work, for which it requires employers to provide coverage for disability benefits.

Since in the grocery store you can sell liquor, wine or beer retail, therefore you must register with the United States department and the trade office.

You need to search for information in the health and hygiene department, as it is considered important for all New York City businesses to prevent pest infestations around where the business operates, as uncontrolled infestations can spread beyond the place of business affecting nearby homes and therefore it also affects the neighborhood.

Whether you are a tenant or owner of the building, it is your responsibility to prevent pests.

If the idea of ​​opening a grocery store attracted you but you do not know the business very well, you can request help from the government, as it will provide you with information on how to sell products through events, courses, workshops, with direct assistance so that as an entrepreneur you can understand federal and state procedures and provide guidance on hiring locals and how to compete so you can be successful with your business.

If you plan to offer catering of alcoholic beverages you must have a license to sell them, that is, a permission to sell alcohol.

All businesses operating in New York State must have a work accident coverage for all employees, including part-time employees and company members.

For this reason employers must obtain a worker’s compensation insurance policy hired in a insurance company.

In turn, companies must submit proof of workers’ compensation coverage to a municipal or state agency.

If you plan to sell tobacco, you must pay the tobacco tax at the commercial office, as it is a tax that was known as a special occupation tax.

Although the occupational excise tax is no longer applicable to alcohol-related businesses, registration is still in effect.

The air pollution control code aims to preserve, protect and improve the city’s air resources, as the city’s policy is based on the fact that each person has the right that the air is not harmful to health and can enjoy a healthy life.

In this sense, the smoke-free air law of 2002 aims to protect the health of workers in the city of New York by making all workplaces smoke-free, therefore, keep in mind that it is prohibited for you and your plasters smoke in the workplace.