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What do I need to open a shipping, courier and parcel agency?

Create a business oriented to courier and parcel is a very good idea because everyone uses a Shipping agency And best of all, it is possible to operate this business from home.

Well, it is possible to provide different types of services from carrying the smallest objects to large packages, but what is necessary to open it?

Tips to open a shipping agency

Follow these tips to open a Shipping agency and you can start your business:

Business plan: First of all, you must have a business plan that includes the office so that from that physical place you can keep the list of clients, answer calls and exercise control of the courier staff.

The business plan must also include the vehicles that will be used, since depending on the objects that the client will indicate, they can be cars, motorcycles, trucks or bicycles.

Keep in mind that the vehicles can be bought new or used or rented or you can think about hiring employees who work with their own vehicle.

Office furniture: Establish the furniture you will need for the office, such as the desk, chair, computer to carry financial and commercial transactions with the corresponding software for the database, printer to print invoices and the landline telephone.

Investment: Detail the investment you will need by calculating the cost of everything you need to start the business and including the possible profits.

For this you can inquire with other agencies about the quote for sending correspondence and packages as well as the delivery time.

The employees: Start by hiring an employee to take care of the telephone and register the shipments, and others for the collection and delivery of the packages, then as the business expands you will be able to hire more employees according to the volume of work you are anticipating.

The rates: When creating a shipping business it is important that you establish the rates that you will charge according to the weight, size and urgency of the deliveries of the packages according to the distance and the type of customer.

The company name and licenses for a shipping agency

You must think of the name of the Shipping agencyAs each state has a government office that issues the license of the specialized or non-specialized agency.

If you use a fictitious name you will have to manage a DBA and apply for the supplier license, since you will have to pay sales taxes.

The office will explain the rules that you must comply with, for example:

Shipments must have an individual identification number and if the client requires it, they must have the collection at home.

Prohibitions: At the office they will indicate the prohibition of transporting dead or live animals, narcotics such as morphine and cocaine. Objects that can cause harm to employees or can damage other packages, explosive, dangerous or flammable materials, cash, valuables such as gold, silver, coins, bills, precious stones, poisonous or toxic chemicals and weapons among other objects .

Requirements: The agency must issue an admission receipt for each shipment where the shipment identification number, the date and time of admission, the weight in grams of the package, the value of the service, the name and address of the sender and recipient and the date and time of delivery.

The shipment must be accompanied by a copy of the admission receipt attached to the package.

In the case of an urban service, it must be provided in a delivery time not exceeding 24 hours, if it is a national service it is provided in 48 hours and in the case of an international service in 96 hours.

However, remember that all these requirements may vary according to the legislation of each state.

Business licenses: You must contact the business license office of the municipal government to apply for the business license.

In the office they will be able to inform you about the corresponding forms and fees to start a courier business.

Fill out the forms and review them before signing and dating.

Take the form to the licensing office and give it to the clerk along with a check for the appropriate fee, usually the business license will be mailed within 10 business days.

Commercial Driver’s License: Since you will need vehicles for your job, you should contact your local DMV to review the requirements for a commercial driver’s license.

Download the application from the website along with the test manual and schedule the appointment.

Then, you must show up on the appropriate date for the driving test, pass the exam, and you will receive a paper copy of your business license within 30 to 60 days.

Promotion: Once you are in a position to start operating your business, you must promote it by creating a website and once you have created it, add your web address to all brochures, business cards and all advertising materials.

Well, you must do everything possible so that your company is found in the search engines.

To find your first clients you can contact small businesses, hospitals, schools and offices in your area.

Come personally and leave several brochures to the manager or owner, after you have achieved your first clients you can continue with your promotion by visiting large companies and also place advertisements in magazines and newspapers in the area.

As a means of promotion, it is convenient that you paint the logo of your agency on all the vehicles with which you will work, since it is the best promotion, because as you travel the city you will be able to get more and more clients that you have not visited.

The companies. Businesses, as clients, need a shipping service that is attractive in price, therefore build corporate business accounts and sign these business accounts with long-term contracts offering a discount on deliveries.

Insurance policy: When you open a business, you can always take risks such as theft, breakdowns, fires and other circumstances in which you need to have an insurance policy.

The insurance broker will explain to you how to apply the value of the premiums of the insured property in each case according to that of the merchandise, to protect it against different claims.