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What car models can be imported to Mexico and what models cannot

If you want to know what cars can be imported to Mexico, It can guide you through some very simple steps that you will read below, because do not think that you can import any car to Mexico because if you do you will find yourself in trouble. Before thinking about importing it, read the following rules that exist in Mexico regarding the importation of cars:

What cars can be imported to Mexico used

Solves What cars can be imported to Mexico? controlling these few details of your car:

  1. Check the serial number or vehicle identification, as it must correspond to the assembly or manufacture in Canada, the United States or Mexico. Ultimately, the manufacture of the vehicle or its assembly must be in North America.
  2. The model of the car must be 8 or 9 years old before the year of importation.
  3. The car must not be prohibited or with restrictions so that it can circulate freely in its country of origin.
  4. Fulfilling these 3 essential points, you will be able to carry out the procedure in the customs of northern Mexico.
  5. You can go to the customs of Nogales, Veracruz, Mexicali, Tijuana, Piedras Negras, Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros, Reynosa or Ciudad Juárez.
  6. You must be Mexican.
  7. You must present your official identification.
  8. You must present your XCURP.
  9. You must present the certificate where your vehicle is approved. It is the gas emission certificate.
  10. The gas emission certificate can be processed at a vehicle verification center.
  11. You will deliver all the documentation to the customs agent and you will obtain the certificate that indicates compliance with the physical mechanical conditions of the car with the verification of the vehicle identification number.
  12. You will present the title deed to the United States customs so that the vehicle can be exported.

What new cars can be imported to Mexico?

  1. You can import new cars to Mexico with different procedures and costs compared to importing used cars, for example:
  2. The car must be first hand.
  3. The model year of the car must be the same year in which the import is made.
  4. The vehicle’s odometer should not show more than 1,000 miles.

What cars can be imported to New Mexico and taxes

A new car that you want to import to Mexico with definitive import implies the following taxes:

  1. The right of customs procedure or DTA.
  2. The tax on the use of vehicles or possession thereof.
  3. The tax on new cars.
  4. The value added tax.
  5. 10% on the market value of the car for the general import tax.

Cars that cannot be imported into Mexico

The same way that you met What cars can be imported to Mexico?, now you will know the cars that cannot be imported:

  1. Be aware of vehicles that are designated salvage or salvage because they are unfit for circulation due to fire, flood, or accident or may even have been stolen.
  2. A car whose title deed indicates the legend salvage cannot be imported because the regulations published in the official newspaper of the Federation in 2017 indicate that the definitive or temporary importation of foreign cars under this legend cannot be imported.
  3. Thus, according to the decree, used vehicles are prohibited or restricted to circulate in the country of origin if the property title indicates DLR Salvage, Lemon salvage, Salvage parts only, Salvage letter. Parts only, Salvage Cert. Lemon law buyback, Flood salvage, Salvage title / no public VIN, Salvage certificate. No vin, salvage Theft, DRL / Salvage title rebuildable, Buyback, Salvage title manufacture, Salvage with replacement VIN, Salvage / fire damage, Courty order salvage bos, Bonded salvage, Salvage Katrina, Salvage title with altered VIN, Watercraft salvage, Salvage removable , Salvage with reassignment.

What cars can be imported into Mexico with the Salvage legend

Although there are many cars that under the Salvage legend cannot be imported to Mexico, some can be imported when:

In addition to the Salvage legend add Clean, Corrected, or Rebuilt-reconstructed.

What year can cars be imported to Mexico?

  1. You can only import Mexico cars when the car model indicates that it is 8 or 9 years before importation.
  2. In turn, your car must indicate that its manufacture or assembly corresponds to a country in North America, either Mexico, the United States or Canada and you will not need the permission of the Secretary of the Economy.
  3. The model year is the year of manufacture that covers a period of time from November 1 to October 31 of the next year.

What cars can be legalized

  1. The cars that can be legalized are any of American manufacture regardless of their category or brand as long as their weight does not exceed 3 tons when manufactured.
  2. Nor can it exceed 10 or 15 years of manufacture.
  3. The title deed may indicate Salvage clean.
  4. The title of ownership of the car cannot indicate a car for scrapping or for auto parts.
  5. It can be any car as long as it has been assembled or manufactured in the American territory.
  6. You must collect an import tax with a value updated according to the database found in the Secretary of the Treasury.
  7. Therefore it has nothing to do with the value that you bought the car.
  8. Keep in mind that before importing a vehicle from the United States to Mexico you must have with you the title of the car, which is issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  9. The pollutant gas control certificate issued by an authorized center in the state of California, New Mexico, Texas and Arizona and the vehicle invoice.
  10. With all this documentation, you can contact a customs agent, who can inform you about the restrictions and corresponding tariff regulations to conclude the operation.
  11. If you are as a tourist in the United States, you can buy a car and import it into Mexico, complying with all the rules you just read and paying sales taxes, registration fees and plates.
  12. However, before buying the plates you must have insurance for your car, which you will get if you have your license and your address matches that of a United States state, but since you have traveled as a tourist you can solve it with temporary insurance.