What are they, how do Santander rewards work and how to use credit card points?

You have accumulated points and you want your Santander rewards? But you still do not know how they work and how you can use those accumulated points, because below you will know how to take advantage of your purchases after having added points and receive your reward for those purchases you have made.

What are Santander rewards

Rewards for buying gifts

The Santander rewards you can take advantage of them to buy gifts. They are purchase rewards, which work like this:

  1. Redeem your reward for a gift card at one of the stores where you want to make your purchase.
  2. Use the gift card to reduce the total cost of your purchase.
  3. You can also redeem the credit card points to cover the costs of the purchases you want to make.
  4. If you paid the cost of the gift with your credit card, use the cash back by using your statement credit.
  5. If you do not know what to give to a friend or family member, it does not matter, let them choose the gift, because in addition to the fact that you can collect rewards for gift cards for your own purchases, you can give your reward gift card as a gift and it will be a creative and useful because your loved ones will buy with your gift card what they need.

Santander rewards for travel

  1. With travel rewards you can reduce the cost of your dream trip by redeeming miles. In this way you cover the cost of accommodation in the hotel you want and also the cost of fuel and you will save money on your vacation.

Santander rewards in restaurants

With your credit card you can cover the cost of a meal in a restaurant, because you may not have enough points to accumulate miles and make your dream trip but you can still take advantage of the points to go out to eat with friends or your partner with the points available on your credit card.

Santander Mexico rewards

Banks compete with each other to achieve preference and attract more customers with loyalty programs and incorporating benefits in the credit card.

Their objective is that all your expenses are made through the credit card with the attractiveness of rewards with cash, items that are pulled in their catalog, flights, etc.

With the Santander rewards program you can start accumulating points that you will then exchange them for stays in the city you want to travel to, hotel accommodation, buying a vacation package, renting a car and choosing between all the products in the catalog.

Santander rewards modality

The modality of Santander rewards are three;

  1. Basic mode: you earn 1 point for every dollar you spend on your purchases. The Access card, the Classic Elite Rewards card, the Black card, the Ferrari card, the Other card, the Family card, the Universidad Panamericana card, the Modelo Card, the Elite Card, Platino Rewards, the Zero Card, the Santander Free Card and the Santander American Express Card participate,
  2. Unlimited mode: you accumulate 2 points for every dollar you spend on your purchases. The Black Unlimited Card participates.
  3. Unlimited World Elite mode: You accumulate 2 points for every dollar you spend on your purchases at the national level and 3 points for your purchases at the international level. The World Elite Card participates.
  4. You can upgrade by changing the modality, for example if your card belongs to the basic modality, accessing the next level, that is, the Unlimited modality is easy by paying $ 85 + VAT and you will get 2 points for every dollar you spend. You can do it by calling 01 80073-266-73.
  5. If you make good use of your credit card and you complete a year with that good use during the month of your birthday, if you accumulate 1 dollar for each point, you will accumulate 2 points as long as you have registered in Santander Twist and you will obtain the benefits.

Santander twist

  1. In Santander Twist you can see all the benefits that you get with your Santander debit or credit card, for example some of its benefits are: participating in raffles, discounts on purchases at the businesses that adhere to the program, interest-free months and others exclusivity for the cards participating in the program.
  2. Some of the benefits are temporary, for example sporting events or recitals, for this reason it is convenient that you visit the site regularly to find out about the benefits of this program.
  3. If you have a Santander bank credit card it is not enough for you to participate in the rewards program, for this you must register on the site. Sign up for free and register all the cards you have in a single account.

Santander twist rewards

Your Santander card gives you benefits regardless of whether it is debit or credit. Whether you benefit from discounts or promotions, those benefits are accumulated on the santander twist page.

The service is free. You sign up by entering your customer number, entering your personal data and you will have registered with santander twist.

  1. Enter Santander Twist or download the application for Android or iPhone.
  2. Login with your username and you will see the Santander menu divided into categories.
  3. At Sign Up and Win you will see seasonal calls that require a few requirements for you to win prizes like travel.
  4. In promotions you will find discount coupons and interest-free months.
  5. When you see that you are interested in a promotion, click and you will see the conditions of the promotion. Sometimes you will have to print it or simply mention the promotion in the store, but each one has its effective date.
  6. In Santander store you will find products with discount and payment in installments without interest.
  7. In offers you will find a program with affiliated companies where you can make purchases with your card and when you have registered in Santander Twist you will receive the refund in your account.

Santander visa rewards

  1. With SuperClub you receive rewards for your purchases of gifts and trips.
  2. With SuperClub (2) you get wildcards for savings and prizes for your purchases with the Santander Rio Visa card.
  3. When you pay with your Santander Río Visa card, you accumulate SuperClub points to be exchanged for hotel stays, airline tickets, tickets for shows, savings and prizes.

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