What are the requirements to collect unemployment, how much will I charge, when and how?

You need to know how to collect unemployment when you lose your job, since you can receive an economic benefit offered by the Spanish social security.

Faced with the loss of the salary you received from your previous job, it is the best way to alleviate the economic situation you are going through, even if your working day was reduced for some reason beyond your control, because the truth is that you want to work but are currently without employment, commonly referred to as being unemployed.

But under what conditions do you have this right? What are the requirements for you to be able to collect it? How should you do to obtain this benefit? Next you are about to know …

How to collect unemployment; Terms

If you want to know how to collect unemploymentFirst of all, you should know under what conditions you can collect it according to the different types of unemployment, for example:

  1. Total unemployment occurs when you have permanently or temporarily ceased your work activities and therefore do not receive your salary either due to the suspension ERE or due to dismissal.
  2. Partial unemployment occurs when your ordinary working day was reduced and therefore your salary was also reduced to a maximum of 70% and a minimum of 10%. In this case, you would be finding yourself in a situation of unemployment due to reduced working hours.

If my husband works, I can collect the subsidy

Many times you hear your question: if my husband works, can I get a subsidy? In fact, it is a concern of many people who, like you, are anxious for someone to answer this question, since everything will depend on the following conditions and requirements so that you can collect:

  1. First of all you must be unemployed.
  2. Registration as a job seeker is a must.
  3. You should not reject offers that may have of placement
  4. Nor should you refuse to participate in placement, professional retraining or training after the contributory benefit is exhausted.
  5. You must maintain the registration as a jobseeker for the entire period of time that the subsidy lasts.
  6. You must subscribe to the activity commitment.
  7. You must have some kind of family responsibility.
  8. You must not have any type of income that exceeds 75% calculated on the minimum wage, without taking into account the proportional part of extraordinary payments.
  9. If the exhausted contributory benefit was derived from part-time work, you would receive a subsidy that is reduced by the same percentage, for which you would be entitled to 12.69% of the subsidy.
  10. Then following the same example above, assuming that your husband’s salary is 1100 and the percentage to which it is reduced is 12.69% of the subsidy provided that the total value of the salary distributed among those who make up your family composition is not higher than the 483.98.
  11. Therefore, if it is only you and your husband, since there are only two people who make up your family, you lose the right to the subsidy, because 1100 is divided by 2, which is equal to 550 and exceeds 483.98.

How to get fired and collect unemployment benefits

  1. The company where you work can fire you for disciplinary reasons or objectives declaring inappropriate, appropriate or null causes.
  2. You can give the company reasons to fire you, meaning you can get fired for discipline. In this case, you would not have the right to collect compensation but you do not lose the right to unemployment benefit.
  3. In any case, if you decide not to attend your job, it would be considered as abandonment of the job, in which case the company has the right to initiate the voluntary discharge process, for which you can make a claim for dismissal.
  4. The company can fire you and not pay you severance. You must initiate the claim without allowing 20 days to pass, because if you let 20 days pass without initiating the claim, you lose the right to claim your severance pay.

How to know if I can collect unemployment benefits

  1. You can collect unemployment benefits if you lost your job permanently, either because your temporary contract ended or because you were fired.
  2. In fact, if you were extended a temporary contract and it ended, you have the right to collect unemployment.
  3. Even your ordinary working day can be reduced to one third, in which case your salary will also be reduced proportionally and you have the right to collect unemployment.
  4. If your company presented an employment regulation file that is commonly known as ERE because production fell and the company decides to reduce the workforce and you are part of the dismissed workers, you have the right to collect unemployment.
  5. When the company presents an ERE, with a reduced working day you will only work a few days in the year, then you will collect unemployment.
  6. When your salary and working hours are reduced as a result of this circumstance, you receive unemployment, which means that the benefit will cover the part of the salary that the company stopped paying you.

How to collect unemployment: Requirements

Besides that you solve how to collect unemployment If you lost your job temporarily or permanently, you must meet more requirements such as:

  1. Affiliation with Social Security is necessary in a regime that considers contingency due to unemployment.
  2. Your current situation should be considered legal unemployment.
  3. You must show that you are available to actively look for work.
  4. Your Social Security contribution must be at least 12 months old.
  5. Your age can be an impediment for you to collect unemployment if you have the right to collect a retirement pension.

How to collect unemployment: Procedures

  1. According to the city or town where you live, you should go to the employment office, and say that you will find it according to your postal district.
  2. Your autonomous community has an employment council that you can call to receive information on which employment office corresponds to you.
  3. Go as soon as possible because you have 15 business days after the employment contract has ended.
  4. You must submit a completed and printed unemployment benefit application.
  5. You must present an original and a photocopy of your DNI or INE if you are a foreigner.
  6. You must print the direct debit including the entity and account number for the benefit to be entered into that account.
  7. Once you have the complete direct debit, you will take it to the bank so that it can confirm the veracity of the data and then you will deliver it to the employment office.
  8. You must present the data communication to the payer issued by the Ministry of Finance as a form with personal data with the number of children you have so that they can apply income tax withholding according to your situation.
  9. You must present the activity commitment. It is a document signed by you as a commitment to actively search for work.
  10. You must present an authorization for the information to be collected from the tax agency. In other words, you authorize the employment office to consult your tax information.
  11. You will present the company certificate with a seal and complete signature of the last 180 days that you listed. Ask the company and deliver it to the employment office, it will be the number of certificates according to the number of companies in which you worked in the last 6 months.
  12. You will present photocopies of the TC-2 with the stamp of the financial institution, corresponding to the last 180 days that you were listed.
  13. You will present the documents that show that you are in a legal situation of unemployment.

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