What are the requirements for an American k1 visa

You need to know about the k1 visa requirements When you are thinking of applying for a fiancé visa so that your boyfriend or girlfriend can enter the United States with the objective of getting married if you are a US citizen.

It is the visa that is also known as fiancé but it is not the one that allows your boyfriend or girlfriend to enter the United States to visit you, so if your intention is to get married, know what their requirements are below.

K1 visa requirements to apply

Therefore on the k1 visa requirements you must comply with the following:

  1. If you are the bride or groom, your age must be the legal age for you to marry in the United States.
  2. Both you and your boyfriend or girlfriend must be single, widowed or divorced or if they have previously married that previous marriage must have already been void in a declaration.
  3. You and your boyfriend or girlfriend must have known personally based on the past two years. In those last two years they must have met at least once.

This resolution may have exceptions in the event that the trip to the meeting means a financial loss or if, for religious reasons, they do not allow them to meet personally before getting married.

  1. Keep in mind that immigration rights are the same regardless of whether it is a heterosexual or homosexual couple.

Fiancé visa

The k1 visa requirementsSince it is a fiancé visa, it must be initiated by the United States citizen. To do this, if you are the visa applicant, you must send all the documentation that is required to the USCIS, the immigration and citizenship service.

  1. Gather all the necessary documentation before completing the form.
  2. If you have already submitted the documentation and the form and have been denied the visa it may be because you lied and the lie was discovered or because your application was considered inadmissible, then contact a lawyer to file it again.
  3. Also contact a lawyer to file the application for the fiancé visa again if you received social benefits without the right to receive them, if you used a false green card or used a false social security number, a lawyer can help you solve this problem and will tell you how to operate.

Documents to apply for k1 visa requirements

  1. Complete form I-129F.
  2. Complete form G-325A.
  3. Your boyfriend or girlfriend must complete form G-325.
  4. Present the documents that are legible that show that you met in person once in the last two years, it can be the boarding passes or plane tickets of the trips that one made to visit the other or of both that made a trip together.
  5. Present photographs of both where the date and place of the same are verified
  6. Present receipts for debit or credit card expenses showing that one visited the other.
  7. Present copies of the passport with the pages with the entry or exit stamp of the country to make the visit.
  8. Submit legible photocopies that can demonstrate that there is an intention to marry in the United States, for example letters or electronic cores discussing the marriage plan, wedding announcements, florist or restaurant agreement, etc.
  9. Submit a statement for each groom intending to marry on a blank sheet of paper and in English with the date and signature.
  10. Present proof that they can marry if one or both were married and divorced or widowed with the annulment of the previous marriage or the death certificate of the deceased spouse, since if the two are single you do not need to present any proof.
  11. In the event that you are related to your boyfriend or girlfriend, check the requirements of your state where you want to marry so that it is legal according to the laws applied in that state.
  12. Submit a legible copy of the document stating your citizenship if you are the one applying for the visa.
  13. Submit a color, passport-style photograph that is no more than 30 days old and write “photo of… (name) behind the photo. Inside a small plastic bag, clip it to the G-325A form.
  14. Present a passport-style color photograph of your boyfriend or girlfriend that is no more than 30 days old with the name of your boyfriend or girlfriend on the back of the photo and inside a plastic bag attach it with a paper clip to the form G-325.
  15. If this is the second or third time you have applied for form I-129F and it was less than two years since it was approved, apply for a waiver by following the instructions on form I-129F.

Attach the waiver request form with the corresponding documentation, for which it is convenient for you to hire a lawyer to enter a good argument and be successful.

  1. To apply, it is necessary to pay the fee by check to the Department of Homeland Security or by money order.
  2. If you pay by check, you will see the fee charged 24 hours after you have made it.
  3. The documentation that supports the application can be sent by regular mail through USPS, PO Box 60151, Dallas, TX 75266.
  4. You will receive the confirmation of receipt of your application with the documents by text message or by email.
  5. You can also send the application and documents via Express Mail or courier service to USCIS, Attn: I-129F, 2501 South State Highway 121 Business, Suite 400, Lewisville, TX, 75067

Boyfriend visa

The boyfriend visa, K-1 visa, fiancé visa or fiancee visa is the one that applies to a boyfriend or girlfriend who is engaged to a United States citizen.

However fiancé is the man who agrees to marry a US citizen woman while fianceé is the woman who agrees to marry a US citizen.

K1 visa approved

  1. When the petition with form I-130 and I-140 is approved by the USCIS it sends it to the NVC, National Visa Center for pre-processing.
  2. While the petition is in force, it can be within a year, it is the NVC who is in charge of starting the pre-processing by collecting the forms, documentation and collecting the visa fee.

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