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What are the quality indicators in a company and how to manage them

The quality indicators, in Mexico they are governed by the system INDICATES as a tool for monitoring and recording indicators in health services. What is it in nursing care? and other concepts you are about to know below.

Quality indicators: Objectives

Quality indicators Their main objective is that the national health system have a comprehensive measurement system with records of management quality, technical and perceived quality.

The indicators are selected applying quality criteria, for example:

  1. Expert feedback that allows you to be sure that they are useful and applicable.
  2. The results are analyzed in order to evaluate its activity based on daily tests that are applied to the routines of a company.
  3. After selecting the final indicators, a quality management plan is created that will reveal the frequency of measurement, objective, purpose, calculation of metrics, area of ​​application and sources of verification.
  4. When quality standards are defined through the chosen indicators, some parameters must be taken into account, such as:

Quality indicators; coverage

It is the relationship that exists between the quantity of products available and their demand.

Quality indicators: effectiveness

It is the indicator that refers to the fulfilled customer satisfaction, which indicates a high efficiency.

Quality indicators: customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction goes hand in hand with business quality. It can be learned from the feedback after the customer made the purchase of the product and from that feedback, the company can decide if a better production process is necessary.

Quality indicators: Sales volume

The volume of sales is an indicator that is practically one of the most important and therefore should be valued, because it gives a clear example of the quality of the product or its need for improvements.

Quality indicators: Competitiveness

An indicator is also important because it reveals whether the company can be as competitive as the rest of its competition, can it follow the same rate of advance? Well, all this is made known by this indicator.

Quality indicators are instruments or measurement tools that are used to evaluate the quality of products or their production process. They determine if the objectives that have been set are met and that they would be met through a set of specific activities.

Quality indicators are a common practice in every company, including medical institutions, as a technique for the evolution of the quality of the services they provide. In the latter case, it is done by measuring the level of user satisfaction.

What is quality in nursing care?

  1. The quality of nursing care is focused on meeting the expectations and needs of patients.
  2. It allows the evaluation of the quality of care from the user’s point of view, which makes it possible to obtain a set of factors and attitudes that are associated with the care received. From which important information is obtained that benefits organizations and users themselves since it allows their expectations to be met and meets their needs.
  3. In fact, it is the users who can do a good monitoring and are judges of the quality of a service provided and then provide the best information on certain aspects that would otherwise be impossible to obtain.
  4. Because users provide a subjective view especially when it comes to health services, because if you are satisfied as a patient, you will have a better predisposition to comply with the therapeutic and medical recommendations that were provided to you, your health will ultimately improve.
  5. It is also aimed at achieving compliance with the occupational and professional goals of health workers.
  6. Nursing professionals follow a guide of indicators that they apply to help improve the quality of the health service.
  7. For example, they participate in innovation projects in the evaluation of the quality of care, after which they guarantee that the nursing service offered is free of risks for patients.
  8. It follows criteria such as the administration of oral medicine, the classification of the registration data including the name of the patient.
  9. Verification of the presentation and name of the medicine, if that medicine is the correct one and its route of administration.
  10. Verification of the expiration date of the drug, including the possibility that it is a contaminated drug as well as expired.
  11. Verification of the schedule and dose of the drug administration, which of course must be correct and administered at the correct time.
  12. Maintains close contact with the patient and provides the corresponding explanations of the procedure to be performed and even maintains fluid communication with family members.
  13. It controls the intake of the drug by the patient, including the control of the route of administration of the drug.

Quality indicators in nursing

Definitely the quality indicators in nursing are:

  1. Structure: it is the measurement of the characteristics of the services and the state of the resources that allow them to be provided. They are developed from the organizational structure, the financial structure, the occupational structure and the physical structure according to the monetary budget, equipment, facilities and material resources.

Human resources also influence with the implication d the number and qualification of the personnel, the managerial and institutional aspects, the methods for the evaluation and the organization of the medical personnel.

  1. The process: it is the direct or indirect measurement of the quality of patient care based on actions that are carried out in principle by the doctor and the nursing staff.
  2. Results: It is the measurement of the success achieved with patient care, evaluating whether what was expected was achieved from the activities that were carried out, the benefit achieved by the patient or the changes in the patient’s health that are attributed to the care you received.