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What are the main types of exports from the United States

The United States exports they have a smaller volume than imports. However, if you want to dedicate yourself to exporting as a business, you must know what type of goods are exported and have a higher performance than others.

What Kinds of US Exports Are Most Advantageous

In fact some of the United States exports They are more advantageous than others, since there are groups of export merchandise with a higher value than others, for example:

  1. Computers belonging to the machinery group account for 13% of total exports with a value in dollars of 201.7 million.
  2. Electrical equipment, located in second place, reaches 11.3% of total exports with a value in dollars of 174.2 million.
  3. E oil within mineral fuels, with 8.9% represents a value of 1,387 million dollars.
  4. Spacecraft within the aircraft group reach 8.5% with a value of 131.2 million dollars.
  5. Cars within the vehicle group reach 8.4% with a value of 130.1 billion dollars.
  6. Medical, technical and optical equipment reached 5.4% with a value of 836 million dollars.
  7. Plastic products reach 4% with a value of 61.5 million dollars.
  8. The metals or precious stones is a group that reaches 3.9% with a value of 60.4 million dollars.
  9. Pharmacy products are a group that reaches 2.9% with a value of 45.1 billion dollars.
  10. Organic chemicals reach 2.3% with a value of 36.2 million dollars.

Imports from the United States to Mexico

According to the United States trade office with statistics for the year 2015 and considering Mexico as the commercial partner that occupies the third place. This year, exports with Mexico reached 236 billion, while imports totaled 295 billion, representing a trade deficit of 58 million dollars for the same year.

For Mexico, imports from the United States represent 46%. The most important from the United States to Mexico are:

  1. In the first place are the machinery with a value of 42 billion dollars.
  2. In second place, electrical machinery represents 41 billion dollars.
  3. Third, vehicles and auto parts represent $ 21 billion.
  4. Fourth, mineral fuels such as natural gas and gasoline represent $ 20 billion.
  5. The medical instruments in fifth place represents 12 billion dollars.
  6. In sixth place, plastic products represent 16 billion dollars.
  7. The products of the textile industry occupy the seventh place representing 4.13 million dollars.
  8. In eighth place is the agricultural industry such as margarine, malt, apples, beef, pork, dairy products and soy, representing 18 billion dollars.
  9. In ninth place, services including intellectual property, transportation and travel represent $ 31.1 million.
  10. Weapons in 10th place represent $ 19.8 million.
  11. In eleventh place, chemicals account for $ 13.4 million.

United States imports

Although it seems strange, some of the imports from the United States also correspond to exports since computer chips, gasoline, vehicles, auto parts and mobile phones are imported.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the following products correspond to imports from the United States:

  1. Cars or motor vehicles represent 10%, with the main exporters being Japan, Mexico and Canada made by Germans, Koreans and Japanese.
  2. Oil, representing .8%, a type of import that is growing year by year.
  3. Mobile phones with the equipment that are related to this product account for 32%.
  4. Computers represented their import by 60% from China and 24% from Mexico, other data is unknown.
  5. Auto parts, with 48% coming from Canada and Mexico and 14% from China.
  6. Medicinal pills, represent a value between 60 and 100 billion dollars, coming from European countries, mainly from Germany, Switzerland and Ireland.
  7. Gasoline,. The import of gasoline is growing after falling for three years.
  8. Computer chips, although they are also export products, most are manufactured abroad and imported by the United States, as it also imports, with Malaysia being the main exporter of these products.
  9. Commercial cars, 87% of commercial vehicles come from Mexico and the rest from Canada.

What does the United States export?

The total of goods that united states exports It reaches 1.55 trillion dollars, since they are a greater quantity of goods than exported services, being that capital goods are the ones that make up exports with greater success. The capital goods exported reach 533 billion dollars and are the following:

  1. Commercial aircraft produced by Lockheed Martin and Boeing represent 121 billion dollars.
  2. The industrial machinery that employs 1.3 million employees represents 57 billion dollars.
  3. Qualcomm and Intel semiconductors represent $ 48 billion.
  4. Electrical appliances like GE represent $ 43 billion.
  5. Telecommunications reach 387 billion dollars.
  6. Medical devices represented by small businesses in a percentage greater than 80% reach 35 billion dollars.
  7. Industrial equipment and supplies of the same tenor reach 463 billion dollars. They are oil-based products and are marketed by large multinationals that have established their good reputations and have become leaders in the sector, including oil.
  8. Chemical products are a segment protected by United States patents. They represent 77 billion dollars and are products derived from petroleum.

For example, fuel oil represents 38 billion dollars,

The petroleum products represented by Conoco Phillips, Chevron and Exxon Mobil represent 71 billion dollars, as the largest producers in the United States are cited.

  1. Plastic products as petroleum by-products represent 34 billion dollars, as it is an industry occupied by 900 thousand employees.