What are the licensing requirements in California

You want to know what the California licensing requirementsThen you will read it step by step so that you can obtain it even if you are a tourist and how you can take the exam.

California licensing requirements

You must comply with the following rCalifornia license requirements and follow this step by step:

Step 1: Visit your local CA DMV office.

Step 2: Complete the driver’s license application (form DL44)

Step 3: Provides proof of identity.

Step 4: Pay the $ 33 fee for the driver’s license.

Step 5: Pass the road test.

What are the licensing requirements in California

California driver’s license for tourists

What California licensing requirements When it comes to tourists, you must apply for a license within 10 days of establishing residence in the state, if your intention is to reside in California, since otherwise you can drive without problems with the license that was issued in your country.

driver’s license for the undocumented in california

Regarding the California licensing requirements When it comes to undocumented people, the law allows you to apply for a license at the CA DMV, (Department of Motor Vehicles)

Before this law became effective, they were only issued to residents who demonstrate their legal permanence, since they also needed to provide the social security number, but thanks to this law, if you are a California resident and cannot prove your legal permanence, you can apply for your license if you prove your identity and residency.

But since you need to obtain an original driver’s license, you must also pass the exams that are part of the requirements.


This license states that:

  1. You cannot use it as a means of identification.
  2. You can use it to drive all over California.
  3. It is a type of license that is distinguished by a notice on the front that indicates that it is only useful for driving according to the AB-60 law.
  4. By carrying this license you cannot be detained for your immigration status or your citizenship.

How to get the license

To obtain the license you must meet these requirements:

  1. Identification document
  2. Previous California driver’s license or identification card from the year 2000 or later.
  3. Mexican passport from 2008 or later.
  4. Mexican and federal electoral card of the year 2013 or later.
  5. Consular card of Mexico from 2006 or 2014.
  6. A valid foreign document that the DMV can verify electronically.
  7. Valid foreign passport.

Documents required according to the country of origin

The documentation that you must present varies according to your country of origin and the year of issuance of the required document, for example:

  1. From Argentina an identification card that has been issued in 2009 or 2012 is required
  2. From El Salvador an identification card that was issued in 2010 is required.
  3. From Chile the required identification card must be from the year 2013.
  4. From Brazil, the identification card should have been issued in 2010.
  5. From Peru, an identification card issued in 2005 is required.
  6. From Guatemala the identification card issued in 2012 is required.

In addition to all these documents, a copy of the birth certificate certified with a photo and issued on a date that does not exceed 6 months from the date you submit the application to obtain your license in California is required.

In addition, since it is a birth certificate abroad, it must be translated into English and accompanied by legalized or apostilled authentication as part of the legalization that makes the public document certify that it is authentic as it has been issued in another country.

In fact, the apostille is the necessary seal on an official document when presented in another country.


However, the Department of Motor Vehicles may require a review of your application and then you will need to provide other proof of identity such as:

1. Marriage or divorce certificate translated into English.

  1. Driver’s license issued abroad.

Driver’s license class to California

What California licensing requirements When it comes to class A in California answer several questions such as:

1.If you must arrive with the same vehicle that you are going to use with your license, if you can arrive with any type of vehicle or if the vehicle is provided by the examining station.

  1. What is the correct tire size.
  2. When is a commercial driver’s license revoked.
  3. What to do after changing a tire.
  4. If you turn left and resume what you should do when you arrive at the center of the intersection.
  5. When you reach the railroad crossing and a train is approaching, what should you do?
  6. What is a poor weight balance?

California driver’s license exam

As an applicant for a driver’s license, you must meet the California licensing requirements and pass the written test. To help you prepare for the required exam, you can take a practice permit test from the CA DMV. With basic questions found in the official manual.

The driver’s license tests are intended to measure the ability to safely operate a motor vehicle on public roads and then the examiner will assess your ability to steer, accelerate and stop the car smoothly, if you adhere to the limits. speed required.

If you understand and obey all traffic signals, if you correctly use the operations of your vehicle including turn signals.

The test is taken by a driving inspector without any other passengers or pets inside the vehicle during the driving test.

For your safety, the instructor will not converse with you except to give you instructions and ask questions related to the exam.

Make sure the car for the test is in safe condition and legal to drive, as the examiner will conduct an inspection prior to the test.

New California Resident

If you are a new resident in California, you have 10 days from the moment you become a resident to transfer your driver’s license.

To obtain it as a new resident, you must make an appointment with the DMV and after the visit you will show proof of identity, they will provide proof of legal presence.

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