What are the horizon insurance policy coverages?

Horizon insurance, is an insurance company that launched the so-called solidarity policies, so you want to know what the coverage is about, well …

Horizon insurance: insurance policies

Solidarity policies

The solidarity policies of horizon insurance They are intended to include insurance for people who previously could not enter this type of program.

In this way, when launching these policies, people with disabilities, pensioners or retirees, people with mental illnesses, people with a physical illness and people whose income does not exceed 25 tax units benefit.

Although it is a solidarity program that all insurance companies in the country must comply with, the company that begins with the launch of this policy is on the horizon, providing life insurance, funeral services, HCM, life insurance and health policies,

Commercial property insurance

Commercial property insurance includes commercial liability with a BOP policy for business owners, inland marine insurance, commercial auto insurance, commercial umbrella insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, crime insurance among others of a commercial nature.

Assisted Living and Seniors Insurance

It is the insurance in which Horizon provides a comprehensive insurance program for facilities dedicated to the care of older people including assisted living facilities, nursing facilities, facilities for the care of Alzheimer’s patients and the communities of the elderly that need continuous care.

Together with risk management specialists and loss control oriented companies, it provides a complete package of services for facilities dedicated to the elderly.

Thus it offers comprehensive coverage that is affordable. Small residences and multi-bed facilities are included with customized programs to meet individual needs.

Insurance with coverage for industries

Horizonte understands that each industry has different types of needs, as each industry has different risks and therefore it is not possible that there is a unified insurance plan instead of one for each business.

In fact, industries are unique and that is how Horizons understands it, for this reason it provides different insurance options for each type of industry, customizing policies for, for example:

1.Accounting companies, tree companies.

  1. Alarm contractor companies, construction companies.
  2. Financial institutions, educational companies.
  3. Craft brewery companies, contractor companies
  4. Specialized trade companies, medical centers.
  5. Financial institutions, limousine service companies ,.
  6. Maintenance contractor companies, companies dedicated to livestock-
  7. Companies dedicated to manufacturing, companies dedicated to life sciences-
  8. Law firms, navy companies.
  9. Media and advertising companies, spa and swimming pool companies.
  10. Publisher and printer companies, prosthetics and orthotics companies.
  11. Maritime employer companies, marine, railway manufacturing companies.
  12. Retail companies, school bus contracting companies.
  13. Security guards, real estate companies.
  14. Scrap metal companies, storage facility companies.
  15. Companies dedicated to the drilling of water wells, companies of automobile transporters and cranes.
  16. Septic contracting companies, technology services company.

Insurance with coverage for employees

Horizonte provides an insurance policy with coverage for employees to stay protected while they work, including:

  1. Employer-sponsored retirement.
  2. Group benefits.
  3. Disability insurance.
  4. Group disability insurance.
  5. Voluntary benefits.
  6. Retiree health coverage.
  7. Individual life insurance, etc.

Home and auto insurance

You can buy a combined auto and home insurance policy as an insurance program with discounts and benefits that you can take advantage of and that give you room to save on covering your needs.

It is a combination of auto and home policies with additional bonuses because by combining auto and home insurance you qualify for extras that function as individual deductibles if the car and home are damaged by the same event.

  1. Including airbag replacement due to accidental deployment, accidental death benefits, and emergency lockout coverage.
  2. If you combine a home policy with a car policy, you get many more benefits that you can consult by contacting a horizon insurance representative.

Farm insurance policy

If you have a farm and it is part of your livelihood, you need a policy to protect it, whether you are a local or large grower, you can get agricultural coverage with the necessary services to protect your farm and you will only focus on operating it.

You have individual needs that insurance specialists analyze to find the insurance policy that best suits your farm. You can get coverage with a:

  1. Property owner insurance.
  2. Equine insurance.
  3. Harvest insurance.
  4. Farm livestock insurance.
  5. Agricultural equipment insurance.
  6. Agricultural liability insurance.
  7. Umbrella Farm Insurance and
  8. Agricultural auto insurance.

In fact, if you have a farm as a way of life and you know that an unfortunate event can happen at any time, it is important that when these problems arise you have a suitable farm policy for you, for your work teams and recover the lost income .

Life insurance policy

The life insurance policy is what gives you peace of mind with the protection of your whole family in the event that, for example, you as an insured person go through a premature death.

In this way you obtain security on the beneficiaries and their finances from a temporary coverage or a permanent coverage. Life insurance options are:

  1. Individual life insurance.
  2. Long-term care insurance.
  3. Group life insurance.
  4. Disability insurance.
  5. Mortgage protection insurance.
  6. Long term care insurance.
  7. Safe with saconds to die policy and
  8. Key person insurance.

Horizon insurance

Horizon insurance is a limited liability agency that provides insurance to companies regardless of the type of business with coverage that guarantees the safety of the business.

Work with the commitment that the business remains protected so that as an owner you can focus on the operations that involve your business with an insurance plan for your business and obtain comprehensive coverage.

Online horizon insurance

  1. Login to https://www.horizoninsurance.com/request-a-quote
  2. You will see a form, unfold it and choose the type of insurance you need.
  3. Finally click Submit.

Insurance horizon registration

  1. Login to https://www.horizonblue.com/
  2. As part of horizon, access and you will see the member login area.
  3. Click Sign up under member login and start filling out the form with your details.

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