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What are the functions of an administrative assistant?

The functions of an administrative assistant They are very varied and of responsibility as it is an important job within a company.

If you want to apply for this job and you do not know what your tasks will be, keep reading and you will know them:

Learn about the functions of an administrative assistant

The functions of an administrative assistantAlthough they are varied, they are always developed within the administrative sector, leaving aside the rest of the company’s departments, since they will be dealt with by other professionals.

  1. Receipt and review of invoices and expense vouchers.
  2. Preparation of checks.
  3. Cancellation of invoices for service payments, payments to suppliers, payment of allowances, if any, and payment of contributions.
  4. Creation of funds, whether special, operational, fixed and special allocations.
  5. Register and control petty cash including its supports.
  6. The process and the calculation of the per diem corresponding to the personnel who make use of it.
  7. Preparation of payment receipts and delivery of them to staff.
  8. Registration and maintenance of bank deposits.
  9. Transcription and drafting of documents and varied correspondence from the administrative department.
  10. Maintenance and transcription of information in the system that is related to the administrative sector process.
  11. The quality management system is the responsibility of the administrative assistant in order to comply with and maintain its regulations.
  12. The administrative assistant has the responsibility of complying with and applying the rules dictated by the organization.
  13. It is also your responsibility to safeguard the confidentiality of all information provided by the client and the company.
  14. It is your responsibility that the objectives and functions of the administration area are fulfilled.
  15. The administrative assistant must comply with and enforce the regulations related to health and safety that are established within the work.
  16. In the event that your administrative functions are related to the management of the company, you will have the function of hiring employees.

In this way, you will be responsible for choosing the candidates who will meet with the manager. For this reason, given this responsibility, if that candidate you chose does not meet the expectations of the company, it will be your responsibility to fire him and face the consequences of having made a poor selection of new personnel.

  1. All companies have very precise internal policies that must be respected by all employees, the administrative assistant has the function of controlling that these policies are respected by all employees as a way to protect the company from inappropriate behavior.
  2. Another of the administrative assistant’s functions has to do with customer service, including solving a problem with a dissatisfied customer, because when faced with a customer complaint, it is the administrative assistant who must know how to handle the situation in order to take care of reputation of the company, protecting its interests.
  3. In general, the administrative assistant fulfills the function of establishing the work hours of the employees including their pay. For this reason, it is your responsibility to schedule the schedules for each work shift.
  4. The administrative assistant must evaluate the particular needs of each employee based on, for example, deciding which of them to give a day off with their corresponding explanations.
  5. Because it fulfills the function of generating the payment receipt of the employees, it must control the hours worked according to how they have been programmed and fulfilled according to the payroll of the administrative department.