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What are the functions of an accounting assistant

If you work in accounting or are a student, it is in your interest to know the accounting clerk functions, since you may be looking for a job position related to your studies.

Due to the fact that their functions do not respond to a law, in general their functions are developed within what the labor market demands at all times and in particular what each company demands.

Know the functions of an accounting assistant

While the accounting clerk functions They are not governed by a law and they are not decreed, by common sense they are related to accounting tasks, then by listing them you will find yourself with the responsibility of complying with the following:

  1. All activities that are related to an accounting aspect.
  2. Manage and manage the portfolio of clients and suppliers.
  3. Payment of services.
  4. Payment of wages.
  5. The management of purchases and sales.
  6. Bank reconciliations.
  7. Generate accounting reports.
  8. Generate financial reports.
  9. It is in charge of projecting the financial statements.
  10. Project tax returns.
  11. Preparation of the reports that are destined to the control entities.

the functions of accounting assistant in small and medium-sized companies

While the accounting clerk functions They usually focus on the accounting aspects of the company, when it comes to small and medium-sized companies, there may be contracts signed by both parties, that is, by the employee and the employer that indicate the fulfillment of functions that are not specifically focused on accounting. .

In fact, its functions can be extended to administrative tasks without having to do with accounting. For example, they can fulfill messaging or collection functions.

Well, when you apply for this job and sign the contract, it will contain the activities that you will have to develop and that you will accept when signing it.

Other Accounting Clerk Duties

Other functions that you should take into account that you will have to perform commonly are:

  1. Receipt of the coding, classification and verification of the accounting record of the documents.
  2. Verification and elaboration of the relationship between expenses and income.
  3. Comparison and review of the list of records, checks, vouchers and payments with each corresponding account.
  4. Transcription of accounting information on the computer.
  5. Generate and review the coding of bank accounts.
  6. Receipt of payment orders, canceled checks and income, giving each of these documents a number.
  7. Generate the report of the results of the expense and income accounts.
  8. Prepare inventories.
  9. Access and transcribe the accounting information on the computer.
  10. The accounting clerk has the responsibility to fulfill his role in maintaining order in the workplace and to report any type of non-compliance.
  11. Control compliance with comprehensive security procedures and standards established by the organization.
  12. Periodically prepare the report of the activities carried out.
  13. Registration, coding, preparation and classification of invoices and accounts.
  14. Preparation, verification and processing of financial records, trial balance and transactions of accounts receivable and accounts payable.
  15. Analysis of financial statements.
  16. Preparation of the price list.
  17. Presentation of the financial diagnosis.

Due to all the functions that you must fulfill when you graduate as an accounting assistant, you will be able to perform as:

Budget assistant, financial and commercial advisor, treasury assistant, budget assistant, account analyst, accounts receivable assistant, credit analyst, billing assistant, cost assistant, accounting assistant or financial management analyst and accountant.