What are the functions of a dental assistant

Would you like to work alongside a dentist and are you planning to study to graduate as a dental assistant? But you still don’t know exactly what your functions will be?

Well, it is important that you know your functions before saying if it is what you want to study and dedicate yourself to work after graduating, since many times you can only be seduced by a name and the idea of ​​working with a professional, but to know your functions, If your salary will correspond to what you dream of earning and you will know much more below, then read on.

What are the tasks of a dental assistant

Knowing the tasks to which a dental assistant, you will know the functions that you must fulfill once you graduate, because:

  1. In principle, your tasks will be those related to laboratory tests, office tasks and patient care.
  2. While the dentist performs the treatment of the patient and examines him, you will fulfill the function of staying with the professional accompanying the patient.
  3. You will be in charge of preparing the patient for examination by the dentist and you will obtain dental records.
  4. You will assist the dentist by handing him the dental instruments and materials he requires.
  5. You will place the suction instruments inside the patient’s mouth so that they can keep their mouth clear and dry during the treatment.
  6. You will be in charge of the sterilization and disinfection of dental instruments and equipment.
  7. You will prepare the tray with the necessary instruments to perform the dental procedure required by the patient.
  8. You will be in charge of giving the patient instruction on general and postoperative medication if necessary.
  9. You may also need to fulfill the role of making restorations and impressions by taking radiographs and processing the x-ray film.
  10. You will take care of office tasks such as receiving patients,
  11. The maintenance of records of the treatment indicated to patients.
  12. You will send the invoices to the patients, you will receive the payments made by the patients.
  13. You will be in charge of carrying out the request for the dental supplies and materials that the dental office needs.

Dental assistant working conditions

  1. As a dental assistant, you will work in a hospital or dental office in a well-lit and clean environment.
  2. You will sit next to the dental care chair so that you can take care of the organization of the medication, materials and dental instruments.
  3. You must protect yourself from infectious diseases by wearing glasses and gloves.
  4. You will generally work between 35 and 40 hours a week including afternoons and Saturdays.
  5. Although the skills can be acquired by working, with training in dental assistance programs and you will get better jobs.
  6. Well, as an assistant you must be the most reliable person in the dentist and achieve great skill with your hands.
  7. You can obtain a registration or license by passing a written or practical exam, which is very useful in most states.
  8. The National Board of Dental Assistance is the entity that has available access to the registry or the license and is the recognition entity in a number greater than the 30 states.
  9. Even when requesting the registration or the written or practical exam you must have an updated certification in CPR, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.
  10. If you do not progress in your education to obtain the license or registration and pass the exam, the opportunities will be limited and it will be difficult for you to advance, since many of the dental assistants, by gaining experience, advance to other sectors becoming, for example, instructors, representatives of sale of dental or managerial products.
  11. Many others also continue their studies to become dental hygienists, as dental care results in you obtaining an entry-level occupation that includes experience and basic training but allows you to advance to a higher-paying, higher-skilled job.

Dental assistant course

If you want to do a course dental assistant, you can start an online course for example at:


  1. When entering the site, first of all you must choose the career you want to start, then fold the menu and choose dental assistance.
  2. Then complete the form with the required information with your first and last name, your email, t phone number, an alternative phone number, your address, zip code, city and state and submit the application.
  3. If you prefer, instead of providing all your personal information, you can also call the school directly at 866 250 6851.
  4. It offers you an online modality study program with printed or electronic books where you will learn:
  5. The dental assisting curriculum covers: Nutrition, Preventive Dentistry, Introduction to Oral Anatomy, Main Office Procedures, Dental Pain Management, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dental Anatomy and Terminology, Restorative Dental Procedures, Radiology, Oral Pathology, and Orthodontics .
  6. The dental assistance course lasts 4 months and you will graduate as a dental assistant. You can do it at your own pace without fixed schedules and wherever you are.
  7. With tuition, you receive e-book lessons, supplements, instructor assistance, and professional graduate support.

How much does a dental assistant make in the United States?

In the United States, a dental assistant or dental assistant has an average annual salary of $ 36,241. However, the value of the salary may vary depending on factors such as location, your experience or if you are a professional with an associate degree:

  1. If you are a dental assistant with an associate degree, the average annual salary you can hope for is between $ 34,414 and $ 36,641.
  2. If you are a licensed dental assistant, your average annual salary will be between $ 34,596 and $ 36,812 annually.
  3. If you are a dental assistant who earned an MBA or master’s degree, you can expect an average annual salary of between $ 34,901 and $ 37,098.

What to study to be a dental assistant

Studying to be a dental assistant will take a short time to receive a formal education with academic programs at a community college, technical institute, trade school, dental school, or dental college.

You can take accelerated training or complete an academic program of 9-12 months or even 4 months with distance or part-time education.

The American Dental Association CODA is the body that accredits dental assistance programs and has a number of 270 accredited programs in the United States.

You can obtain your certificate by passing an exam where your knowledge will be evaluated.

For example, you can take the DCAB, the certified dental assistant exam corresponding to the Dental Asisting National Board and you will become a certified dental assistant and being a CDA you will transmit the assurance that you have sufficient preparation for the provision of your services.

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