What are the car insurance rates per day? and how it works?

A car insurance for days It is what is best for you on many occasions, although the most common is when you need it to complement your traditional insurance, because you can hire it very easily and quickly to keep your car insured as regulated by law, but there may be many more occasions for which that you may need to take out this type of auto insurance, for example …

Why is car insurance useful for days

Besides that a car insurance for days It is useful as a complement of days or weeks of your traditional car insurance, it is also useful on other occasions such as:

Suppose you want to sell your car, which for obvious reasons has an annual insurance policy that is about to expire and you do not want to renew it, then until you sell it you can take out a car insurance policy for days or weeks. sell it,

Then you can continue driving your car without problems because being insured nothing prevents you and then you will sell it and the new owner will take care of the traditional insurance.

  1. Now suppose you own a classic car that you keep in your garage for most of the year, then since you rarely drive it, you don’t make sense to hire a traditional auto insurance policy, because this is the best time for you to hire one per days and you will be complying with the law.
  2. Assuming you are thinking of a vacation trip outside of Spain, you will travel with your car, you will take it outside the borders of the country. Although you have a traditional insurance policy, it does not extend its coverage to another area. You need your car insurance because otherwise you would be driving outside the law, so it is best for you to take out insurance for vacation days.
  3. If a friend lent you a car to drive it for example during the weekend and then you must return it to your friend, you can take out this type of insurance and you will stay within the law if your friend lent it to you and his traditional insurance expired.

How daily car insurance works

Although it is the best for you on many occasions, there are conditions and restrictions so that you can hire a auto insurance for days, for example:

  1. You can only hire it for periods of days or at most for weeks.
  2. You must be at least 21 years old.
  3. You must have a driving license that is more than 1 year or twelve months old.
  4. It is an insurance that is only available for cars, trucks, motorcycles, vans, boats, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, tractor units, trailers, quads and motorhomes.
  5. It is not allowed as insurance for buses or dangerous goods cargo vehicles.

Car insurance prices by days

  1. It may be that when you calculate the rate of the car insurance for days it is a little more expensive than the traditional one, but when you need it it is the best solution, but in general the price is 2.2 euros per day although it all depends on the make and model, number of doors, the power of your car’s engine and other driving factors that are particular to each driver.
  2. For example, assuming you have a VW Amarok 4-door with a power of 180, version 2. OTDI 180 4M-P with launch date of 10/2014, second-hand that you bought from a private individual, whose age is November 2017 , you are the usual driver, you park it on the street and use it daily, traveling up to 2000km per year, it is the only car in your family, you also have health insurance, the price varies depending on the insurance company between 140 and 311 euros with basic third party coverage.

Car insurance by MAPFRE

  1. Mapfre offers you car insurance for days as long as the vehicle is for private use.
  2. It does not allow the vehicle to have a company or public use.
  3. It also stipulates that it is an insurance coverage aimed at first and third category cars, which includes vans and tourism.

TERRANEA insurance for days

  1. Terranea offers you this type of insurance with a flexibility of a maximum of 90 days, but once it expires you can chain another insurance policy to complement it.
  2. Offers temporary car insurance for vans, vans, motorcycles, trailers, tractors, trucks as well as cars.
  3. You can contract a temporary insurance in terranea for a maximum of 90 days and when the policy expires you contract the insurance policy you need.

Insurance for days

  1. Since all vehicles need mandatory insurance coverage, regardless of whether you park it in a garage or use it every day, you will be interested in having insurance that you can take out for days.
  2. Well, the only reason why your car does not have insurance is that it has been canceled in the register of the general direction of traffic, since in this way it is withdrawn from circulation.
  3. Otherwise, if hiring a traditional annual insurance policy is not useful because you do not plan to hire a similar one again when it expires because you want to sell your car.

If you want to continue driving you need to have an insurance policy until it is sold, then the most useful thing for you is to take out insurance for days and then you can sell it and it will be the new owner who will decide the type of insurance that suits him at that time .

  1. Definitely car insurance for days is a solution as temporary coverage, as it comes as a new service from insurance companies in Spain, although for some years it has been available in other European countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany.
  2. In fact, as it works in the same way as traditional car insurance coverage, you have the peace of mind that it naturally covers the civil liability that is mandatory and it is also possible that you choose another type of coverage, since the only difference is the fact that You can select the number of days you need your car to be insured according to your particular needs.
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