What are the best insurance companies?

Given the amount of insurers in MexicoWhen you are looking for auto or business insurance you do not know which of them to decide on, but the most important thing is that you know which ones are considered the best, do you want to know them? Then keep reading and you will know them …

What are the best insurers in Mexico?

  1. As you already know, insurers in Mexico There are many, but the best are not all and even the best for you may not be the best for your neighbor and the one that is the best for your neighbor may not be the best for you.
  2. In principle, that insurer you choose should offer you good coverage in case you suffer an accident such as if you totally or partially lose your car.
  3. It must also cover any unforeseen event such as an earthquake or flood that partially or totally affects your car.
  4. The coverage should guarantee you economic protection on the expenses that an accident may imply, so …

insurers in Mexico

Which are the best insurers in Mexico: The best are those that guarantee you total protection with the best services, aiming at your comfort and with affordable prices, for example:

ABA Auto Insurance

ABBA auto insurance is an insurance company with experience specialized in comprehensive and comprehensive coverage and also offers you limited services in case of theft or damage to third parties including civil liability.

AIG Insurance

AIG Seguros is a multinational company that shows efficiency in the case of coverage of medical expenses to the occupants of the car, for damages to third parties and offers you the payment of bail, legal and road assistance.

Mapfre Follow you from cars

Mapfre stands out above all for the quality of the civil liability it grants to customers, which makes up the majority and also due to the coverage for car theft.

AXA Follow you for cars

AXA is an insurance company of French origin that is located in 60 countries and stands out mainly for the warm coverage for cars that it offers to its tourist clients.

GNP Insurance

GNP is an insurance company that is considered among the most important in Mexico for showing efficiency and quality in the coverage of damages to third parties, civil liability and driver’s insurance.

GNP, as an insurance company in Mexico, offers you security in coverage against all claims.

HDI Auto Insurance

HDI, of German origin, was established in Mexico 10 years ago, always standing out for its efficiency in the coverage of damages to third parties, be it people or property and medical expenses with a quick resolution.

Zurich Auto Insurance

Zurich, as an insurance company, stands out above all for the efficiency it shows in solving problems in the event of claims.

Qualitas insurance

Qualitas is an insurance company specialized in the automotive sector, including coverage of motorcycles, trucks and cars, showing efficiency in its services but standing out mainly in its Premium coverage.

Other car insurers in Mexico

Between the insurers in Mexico stand out:

  1. AIG due to the solutions it offers to each particular customer need, including the attention and guarantee of payments and services that satisfy its customers.
  2. ABBA is an insurance company of Chubb Seguros México SA giving rise to Chubb Seguros, which offers an important infrastructure in its offices, providing clients with a wide range of products and trained service with its agents so that clients can obtain the best service in All Mexico.

It was initially characterized by risk coverage for sugar mills and aviation, but years after it was established, it incorporated the life line and coverage for illnesses and accidents.

  1. AXA ranks third as the largest insurance company in Mexico, thus obtaining the Trust Mark certificate.
  2. HDI, of the Talant group, as an insurance company of German origin and with a presence in Mexico since 2009, has a number of 65 offices in addition to 20 customer service points within Mexico.
  3. Mapfre is an insurance company with more than 75 years of experience offering clients quality services and products.
  4. Zurich, as the largest insurance group in the world, has a presence in 120 countries where it has a number of employees that reaches 6000. Zurich, as the largest in the world, offers protection against high risks and is ranked second in according to CONDUSEF.
  5. Qualitas, is an insurance company specialized in the automotive sector that offers coverage throughout Mexico with good standards of service and customer care.
  6. Sura: Sura offers you different plans from civil liability to TOP Driver as the most complete product.

In conclusion, what is the best car insurance?

1.The key point for you to detect which is the best car insurance for you is that you evaluate the different coverages offered by different insurance companies, what is its credibility within the sector, what is the validity of the insurance they offer you and what It is its cost among other concepts that you must also evaluate.

  1. Keep in mind what your priorities are and determine the type of coverage you need and the amount of money you have to invest in insurance.
  2. In Mexico there are many insurance companies with a long history offering effective services with high benefits.
  3. Insurance companies will offer you civil liability because it is the essential insurance so that you can drive your car and it is the legal document before a traffic agent and they also offer you other types of coverage such as car theft or theft, accident and others.
  4. Keep in mind that although insurance companies have many services available they will not offer them to all, therefore you should investigate all the coverages and then choose the one that best suits you.
  5. For this reason it is also convenient that you quote all the coverages so that you can have a broader panorama for your final decision.
  6. From harbo the best insurance company will put all the coverage options in front of you so that you can make a better choice by evacuating the payment conditions and your needs.
  7. It will offer you different payment options so that you get comfort when paying for your insurance.
  8. Even the best will offer you immediate assistance for any claim you suffer with a quality service that solves your problem by providing you with various communication channels, the best customer service and a service whose cost-quality ratio really convinces you that it is the best.
  9. The best insurance company will offer you offers and discounts as a good strategy to keep you as a customer and increase your trust and credibility within the sector.