What are the best cruises from Miami

If you are looking for cruises from Miami, because you have many options to enjoy an unforgettable vacation sailing while you know different places at each cruise stop.

In fact it is a peaceful vacation with the attention that cruise ships provide even if you are traveling with children because the children’s activities will keep them entertained while the parents enjoy a relax in the pool or have fun in the casino, but.

What are the cruises from Miami

Between the cruises from Miami, you can choose the following:

Oasis if the Seas

Oasis of the Seas is an option that offers you to enjoy a cruise that has a golf course, an ice skating rink, an amphitheater with a capacity to accommodate 750 people and you can relax in one of its 2,700 cabins, it is a cruise ship large enough to accommodate 6,300 passengers along with 2,100 crew members.

It even has restaurants and boutiques plus a bar that can go up and down to three decks. It is a cruise with which you can enjoy 7 days touring the eastern and western Caribbean islands.


Miracle is a cruise that offers you a two-day trip to visit the Bahamas or an 8-day trip to explore the southern Caribbean with the necessary amenities so that you can enjoy your vacation on a ship that has a capacity to accommodate 2,124 passengers. they can have fun on a waterslide and a camping carnival.

Norwegian Epic

Norwegian Epic is another possibility for you to opt for a cruise that has a capacity to accommodate 4,100 passengers on a 153,000-ton ship that has special features, because if instead of traveling as a family, you prefer a solo vacation, you have Cabimas d Study and you will have fun with the tubular enclosures to slide, as they are sliders that invite the enjoyment of adults and children as well as performances by Cirque Drams and the Blue Man Group.

Celebrity Century

Celebrity Century is a themed cruise oriented to the South Pacific. It has 174 cabins, 314 private verandas in the rooms for you to enjoy flowers. It is a cruise with experience since 1989 and then in 1997 it merged with Royal Caribbean.

Cheap Argentina cruises from Miami

From Miami to Argentina, cheap cruises abound to get to know a South American destination, since countless cruises that arrive in Argentina leave from South Florida every year, for example:

Holland America

Holland America has cruises that sail from 12 days to 68 days through South America arriving in Argentina through the Strait of Magellan, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Panama and the Cayman Islands. The Hollan America is an exclusive cruise ship that can accommodate 900 passengers.


Seabourn, offers you to sail for 14 days on a cruise from Miami to Argentina, passing through Montevideo and bequeathing to the Falkland Islands and Cape Los Hornos and can even extend the trip with more days to visit New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific.

Also connect with the Treasures of The Inca Coast itinerary that takes you to know Chile and Peru.


Princess is a cruise line that offers you several destinations such as South American itineraries, because in addition to traveling the north coast of South America with the Amazon basin, you can choose for 14 days to get to know Brazil and continuing south you can be part of the 580 passengers admitted by the ship and arriving to Buenos Aires, Argentina after a stop in the Caribbean. Princess has longer itinerary cruises so you can get to know all of Central and South America,

Cheap cruises from Miami

If you are looking for cheap cruises from Miami, think of a destination like the Bahamas, although it is not the only one with a duration of 3 or 4 days, it is a cheap getaway and you can even find cruise deals with full board.

You can also get very cheap one-day cruises but keep in mind that the ship is a ferry and also a day trip does not allow you to know or enjoy a cruise of a trip of more days.

Cruises from Miami to Bahamas


MSC invites you to a cruise from Miami to the Bahamas to get to Nassau, you can visit the island of New Providence, Paradise Islands and the Atlantis Watersacape Aquarium,

The cruise takes you to see the unique open-air aquarium that has more than 100 species of multicolored tropical fish. It is the largest outdoor aquarium in the world, but it also allows you to enjoy swimming with the dolphins in Nassau and you can also book motorcycle tours to nearby islands.

The cruise stop allows you to get to know the historic center of the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau with the charm of its colonial architecture and the commercial stores where you can find handicrafts and take pictures of its colorful Georgian buildings.

The cruise takes you to Cable Bach west of Nassau where you will enjoy the Bahamian Riviera with its golden sand and have the pleasure of getting to know the nightlife of the city with its casinos.

Enchantment of the Sea

On board the Enchantment of the Sea you can enjoy a cruise to the Bahamas from Miami with the option to choose a standard cabin and explore the Bahamas with all its natural landscapes and nightlife in a 4 day and 3 night tour.

Empress of the sea

Empress of the sea is another cruise departing from Miami to the Bahamas, which also has the option for you to choose a standard stateroom and sail for 6 days and 5 nights.

Majesty of the Seas

With the Majesty of the you can leave from South Florida to the Bahamas to enjoy an island that offers you to practice nautical activities with the first day in Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

Then on the second day you will stop over in Cay, Bahamas on a private island to dive, enjoy a jet ski, or sail by boat or kayak.

On the third day, you will sail to Nassau, capital of the Bahamas and visit its beautiful beaches with a turquoise sea and take a sightseeing tour in a city on New Providence Island on the coast of Paradise Island where luxury resorts and hotels abound.

The fourth day you will enjoy it at sea within the cruise, a boat with everything you need for activities such as a 12-meter climbing wall, playing a game of basketball, enjoying a spa day or relaxing in the pool like some of the activities on board the cruise.

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