What are the best credit cards for people with bad credit?

The credit cards for bad credit They are ideal for you if at this time you need to rebuild your credit or establish it, since they do not have too many requirements for your application to be approved.

Next you will read what are those cards that you need for bad credit and you can increase your credit score by using it responsibly.

The best credit cards for bad credit


MasterCard is one of the credit cards for bad credit As a secured card offered by Capital One, you only need to make a minimum deposit and without an annual fee you can start your credit.

Savings Secured Visa Platinum

Savings Secured Visa Platinum, with a low interest rate of 7.74% fixed APR, does not ask you to verify your credit or your income.

In addition, with its points program, it allows you to win prizes called Flexpoints that you can exchange for products, charity, gift cards, tickets for shows or trips and the credit limit is on your card.

AeroMexico Visa® Secured

AeroMexico Visa® Secured is a Club Premier card suitable if you want one for bad credit that also offers you rewards programs and is ideal if you are a person who travels frequently to Mexico but stands out above all for the rewards of trips to this country. For every dollar you spend on shopping, you earn one mile but earn twice as much on groceries and gas, and you can earn a 5,000 miles bonus in addition to free service to use on a ticket to travel and return from the United States to Mexico or South America or Central America.

Discover it® Secured Card

Discover it® Secured Card is a credit card that helps you rebuild it and if you make payments on time, for each purchase you make you earn money. It reimburses you 1% for each purchase you make with the card and 2% for your expenses at gas stations and restaurants. If you make a deposit of $ 200, you will have a line of credit of equal value. You are not penalized for late payment and there is no annual fee.

OpenSky Visa Secured

OpenSky Visa Secured is a Credit One Bank card designed for people with bad credit that offers rewards with a low interest rate, a minimum deposit of $ 200 to obtain it, your credit line can increase after an automatic review.

Merrick Bank Secured Visa

Merrick Bank Secured Visa also helps you restore your credit by offering:

  1. Get a FICO credit score every month at no charge.
  2. Your payments are reported to the three credit bureaus.
  3. Your line of credit may increase after you make payments.

Orchard Bank MasterCard

Orchard Bank MasterCard is another option that you can evaluate as a bad credit card:

  1. It has an annual maintenance of between 0 to 59 dollars that depends on your credit score.

2.The interest rate is 7.99%.

  1. It asks for a minimum deposit of $ 200.

Bank of America Secured Credit Card

Bank of America Secured Credit Card:

  1. It has an interest rate of 20.24%.
  2. It asks for a minimum deposit.
  3. The credit line limit is between $ 300 to $ 4,900 according to your income.

Credit One Visa Platinum

Credit One Visa Platinum, helps you rebuild credit and offers you:

  1. A line of credit of 1500 dollars with the option to increase it as you make the payments.
  2. It has an annual cost in the first year of 75 dollars and the following years of 99 dollars.

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Credit cards without credit check

Green Dot primor® Visa® Classic

Green Dot primor® Visa® Classic, helps you rebuild credit and offers you:

  1. A line of credit of between $ 200 and $ 5,000.
  2. With a fixed interest rate of 13.99%.
  3. It does not have a penalty rate.
  4. You can request it and they will grant it to you quickly after you choose your line of credit and open a personal savings deposit account to secure your line.

DCU Visa® Platinum Guaranteed

Guaranteed DCU Visa® Platinum You can get this credit card if you join Digital Federal Credit Union or Reach Out for Schools by paying $ 10 and opening a DCU account with $ 5.

Credit cards to make credit

  1. The credit cards to make credit are the secured cards, all of them will request a minimum deposit as a security method, this minimum deposit is equal to the credit line that you will access.
  2. If you use a secured credit card regularly and responsibly it will help you to start generating credit and therefore if you comply with the payments you will be able to access a common and unsecured credit card.
  3. When you close the secured card or exchange it for another unsecured card, the card issuer will refund the deposit you made.

First Progress

First Progress is an example of a secured credit card, designed for people with credit problems and need to generate credit or it can also be useful if you do not have a credit report and need to start generating it.

You can get it with a minimum credit score by choosing between three options with different interest rates.

  1. They require a minimum deposit of $ 200 and a maximum of $ 2,000, the three First Progress options are:
  2. Platinium Prestige with a variable APR of 11.99% and $ 44 annual fee.
  3. Platinium Select, with a variable rate of 14.99% and $ 39 annual fee.
  4. Platinium Elite with a variable PR of 19.99% and $ 29 annual fee.

Personal loans without credit in Puerto Rico

Among the personal loan options in Puerto Rico you have:


You can get a personal loan without credit check and in 24 hours. They approve you the loan online fast and easy with low interest rates and you can refinance your loan whenever you want.

Family Credit

Credito Familiar is a company in Puerto Rico that offers you to apply for your loan online by completing the application with the amount of money you need, explaining the reason why you need the loan and all the personal information.

Once you complete your personal information, click Continue and follow the instructions until the application is submitted and you will wait for the approval of your loan.

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