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What are the best car brands in the United States

Best car brands They exist all over the world and if you are thinking of buying a new car and that it is the best one, of course it will always depend on the country where you reside, since the same makes and models do not arrive in all countries.

For this reason, below you will start by seeing and you will be able to choose the …

Best car brands in Mexico

In 2019, best car brands In Mexico, so that you can make a good choice according to your needs and tastes are the following, because it will surely be according to the price and qualities it presents, your final decision:

  1. Volkswagen Vento: Its Starline Manual version is priced at $ 209990. It has 6 speeds (Tiptronic transmission). It has ABS brakes and cruise control in the Highline version.
  2. Seat Ibiza: It is also a very popular car in Mexico with 20 years of presence in the country.

The price depends on the model. The FR is priced at $ 327,000, while the Beats is $ 307,500, the Xcellence $ 293,400, the Style $ 276,400, and the Reference $ 241,400.

The Ibiza FR 2019 also has a 6-speed Tiptronix transmission like the previous one, 3-cylinder engine, ABS brakes with 6 air bags, electronic stability control, cruise control and fatigue detector, these last qualities from the version Xcellence.

  1. Kia Rio: It is a Japanese brand with high growth in Mexico with its three versions, the EX Pack, EX and LX, a sedan version.

Price-wise, the automatic LX sedan is priced at $ 268900, the Manual LX sedan is $ 253900, the manual HB LX is $ 256900, and the automatic LX sedan is $ 268900.

The Kia Rio’s engine is 4-cylinder, 1.6L power. with automatic and manual transmission.

All versions have 6 air bags, hill start assist, electronic stability control and ABS brakes.

  1. Toyota Prius: It is a hybrid car with very good performance and price in its two Premium and base versions.

The price of the base version is $ 389400 and the Premium version of the Toyota Prius e $ 454900.

It has a 4-cylinder engine, CVT transmission, maximum voltage of 600V AC, 8 air bags, ABS brakes, cruise control and electronic distribution.

  1. Volkswagen Jetta: It comes in 4 versions: Highline, R-Line, Comfortline and Trendline.

The Trendline version is priced at $ 305,990, the Highline version is priced at $ 424,990, the R-line is priced at $ 394900 and the Comfortline version is $ 329,990.

The manual and tiptronic transmission are both 6-speed. All versions have 6 air bags, cruise control, traction control, electronic stability control, electronic immobilizer and ABS braking system.

  1. Honda City: In its LX, LX CVT and EX CVT versions, it is listed among the best for its price-quality ratio.

The EX CVT version is priced at $ 306900, the LXCVT version $ 2847900 and the LX version $ 268900.

All versions have a 4-cylinder engine, 2 air bags, 3-angle reverse camera, electronic brake distribution, ABS braking system and automatic air conditioning up to the EX CVT.

What are the best car brands in the USA

If you live in Mexico you have already seen the car brands to decide, but now you are going to read the best car brands in usa with its qualities so that you can decide your purchase:

  1. Audi A4: It is a type of sports sedan car that at a price of 48,890 presents high-tech equipment, 4-cylinder turbo engine and automatic transmission.
  2. Hundai Kona: It is a subcompact SUV with an elegant exterior with intelligent design, folding rear seats, autonomous emergency braking system, cruise control, high-beam lights and a fatigue detector.

Although it competes with the Fiat 500X, Peugeot 2008, Renault Captur and Nissan Juke, the Hundai Kona has a design that they call the highest risk in the B-SUV segment.

  1. Subaru Forester: it is a car with a spacious interior within the SUV segment with very good functionalities and practicality, silent and solid that is priced at 29341.
  2. Toyota Prius: In the usa you also find the Toya Prius at a price of 27323 as a hybrid car with an aerodynamic design, 4-cylinder engine and direct ignition system.
  3. Toyota Camry Hybrid: with a price from 28949 it has an electric hybrid powertrain, a system that detects pedestrians with radar and on-board camera that detects a pedestrian or vehicle in front of the car to avoid a collision, a braking system that being automatic prevent a collision if you don’t brake in time.

However, despite the previous brands, within the automotive market, consumer preferences and their satisfaction as customers lead the list with the Genesis brand, Hyundai’s as the highest value luxury firm in the United States.

Then it continues as the most valued Porche, then BMW, Mercedes Benz completing the top five.

As generalized brands are Dodge and Ford while Mitsubishi is a maca that grows and rises in the ranking of the most preferred brands by Americans.

However, Ford Motor Company with Lincoln Continental, Ford Mustang and Ford F 150 are among the best in their category.

Even the Lincoln Navigator, ranks with the highest scores and awards while BMW AG, Volkswagen AG and General Motors also have a significant number of models that received awards within their category such as their benchmarks Porsche Cayenne, BMW X1 and Audi A3 .

Nor can we ignore the Mazda brand, awarded for the fourth consecutive year as the best and that won the Best Card Brand award, an award received for the Premium equipment, its comfort, intuitive technology and driving dynamics.

The brand and the award are so important that Mazda becomes the prototype that other brands must follow in their evaluation.