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What are the auto insurance costs to travel to Mexico?

If you travel to Mexico, it is essential that you know about the car insurance to travel to MexicoWell, maybe you think that if you live in the United States and of course you already have your insurance for your car, there would be no need to have another one, but nevertheless that idea is wrong, do you want to know why? What is the reason that your American car needs insurance? Well, you are about to know all this below, so you should continue reading before starting your trip to Mexico with your car.

Why do you need car insurance to travel to Mexico?

  1. The car insurance to travel to Mexico They are necessary for your trip to move around with peace of mind and take care of your economy, since even though you have insurance for your car in the United States, it will not be valid for transit in Mexico.
  2. When you cross the border, it is necessary that you have an insurance policy that covers civil liability and losses in Mexican territory.
  3. If for any reason the Mexican authorities arrest you, of course you will present your US insurance, but the authority will not consider it as valid and therefore has the right to arrest you.
  4. Suppose that while driving you ram into another vehicle, because in this case both protagonists of the incident can be considered guilty and will land them in jail. If you are guilty according to the verdict and do not present an insurance policy from Mexico, you will be imprisoned until you can present proof that you will be responsible for damages.

How does car insurance work to travel to Mexico?

  1. The car insurance to travel to Mexico you can buy them per day. For example, the most common is to take out the insurance when the one you have finished and you need to approve the ITV.
  2. In these cases it is a temporary insurance because after approval you can take out the traditional one.
  3. The insurance per day is also useful when you buy a car without permanent insurance or that you delay until you buy a policy, then you will protect your car with car insurance per day.
  4. It will also be useful if you travel for business or vacation, as they are insurance policies whose term extends from one day to three months.
  5. One insurance per day adapts to what you need, whether it is for a car, trailer, motorcycle or truck.
  6. For example, Ana Seguro offers you insurance coverage from one day to 3 months. The coverage begins to work the first day you hire it.
  7. In the case of Axa insurance It offers you coverage from one day to 28 days to protect your vehicle and damage to third parties.
  8. If you export or import, daily insurance is also useful because it protects the vehicle during its journey until it reaches its destination.
  9. If you did not renew your traditional insurance or forgot to contract it, it is a convenient type of policy because you will only contract it for the time in which you use your vehicle and then with time you choose where you want to insure it with traditional insurance.
  10. With a daily insurance you do not waste time on appointments because the entire procedure is done online with an easy hiring.
  11. The truth is that you must bear in mind that by law auto insurance is required in Mexico, as it is an obligation when you travel on federal highways. At least you need one of civil liability for damages to third parties.
  12. If you have an accident in Mexico, you will appear before a local judge so that he can determine whose responsibility it is, which differs from an accident in the United States, since in this case it is only necessary to exchange information from insurers and therefore you need to have insured your vehicle in Mexico.

Why is insurance necessary for Mexico?

If you are still not clear why you need an insurance for Mexico keep reading…

  1. First of all, that you have insurance for Mexico is an obligation by law.
  2. Your United States insurance becomes invalid when you drive through Mexico.
  3. If you have an accident while driving and damage the other driver, it will be your responsibility to cover the expenses and damages that you have committed and you may even be in jail.
  4. Your American car with a license plate from this country requires insurance from Mexico because although your insurance may have coverage in Mexico, you will have had to purchase it separately or, failing that, you should have bought Mexican car insurance.
  5. As for the price of car insurance in Mexico, they depend on the type of vehicle you drive, the type of coverage you hire and the number of days you need to contract that coverage.
  6. In fact, as each one is unique, you should always get a quote by comparing and quoting online, since it also has to see the liability limit you choose and the value of your vehicle.

How much does a car insurance cost for Mexico?

  1. You already know that the car insurance for mexico It is an obligation, therefore if your car is American and you travel frequently to Mexico either for your vacations, to visit family or for business, the cost of this insurance varies according to three main factors, that is, the type of vehicle with the what you drive, the coverage you will choose and the number of days you need coverage in Mexico.
  2. For example, your vehicle can be a motorcycle, a motor home or motor home, a pickup, an SUV or a truck.
  3. The number of days to purchase auto insurance can be from one day to 365 days.
  4. Understand the value of the vehicle at current value and if your vehicle has a trailer you must specify it, because it will also have its coverage, since it does not matter if it is a boat, a trailer or a car.
  5. Once you have this data. an insurance quote will tell you the cost.

What is the cost of insurance for American cars in Mexico?

As you have already read it to know the cost of insurance for american cars in mexico it depends on 3 factors.

  1. Therefore, assuming you have a type of vehicle that is a car that you will use in Mexico driving for 10 days without a trailer and with a current value of 40,000 USD …
  2. Under these conditions and always depending on the insurers, the price is around $ 200 for the 10 days of your stay.