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What alternatives to skype can I use safely?

If you are looking alternatives to skypeYou really have many options such as voip, since there have always been several, although Skype remained at the forefront of all.

But if you are looking for another option to keep in touch with friends or to use the platform as a work tool, then you are about to find out the best alternatives as you are looking for it:

What are the alternatives to skype

As I just told you, alternatives to skype There are many but some of the best that you can trust are:


Viber is a skype-oriented alternative to cell phones that run on the iOS operating system and also works with BlackBerry and Android.

With Viber you can send text messages with your mobile phone and also in this sense, when it is integrated into your agenda, it is not necessary to look for identification from receiving or making calls.


ooVoo is an alternative very similar to Skype for making calls to mobile phones or other computers. It has plans to make national and international calls.

It also has applications for Symbian, iOS, Android for mobile phones but their availability is not integrated into Windows operating systems.


Sightspeed from Logitech is the Skype alternative if you are looking for a voip system for video conferencing, audio conferencing, messaging, new contact management and it works for both Mac OS X and Windows.

On the other hand, it has a paid plan and a free one with different types of storage depending on the option you choose.

For example, if you choose the payment option, you will have video mail storage and technical support until your subscription expires.

If you choose the free plan you will have 30 seconds of video mail while with the paid plan you have 1 minute in addition to unlimited video and audio emails, personalized page and unlimited messaging groups.

It works with 800 Mhz or higher microprocessors, 256 Mb Ram on Windows and 5G on Mac.

Google Talk

Google Talk is the option to Skype if you need to make videoconferences, you can use it through the web and its installation is as simple as installing a plug-in in the browser.

The desktop application is oriented to the Windows system, for example if you use Chrome you don’t need to open your Gmail email and you can still use Google Talk.


Voipbuster allows you to make national and international phone calls to landlines or mobile phones. It is free software. Through the internet you can send text messages. It is a software that can be a solution for you who travel for pleasure or business.

Alternatives to skype windows

What alternatives skype windows, you have several such as:


Hangouts as a video conferencing service allows you to make video conferences with your computer and also chat and even in the conversation you can invite several people without having to pay for it.


Line can be considered as one of the best Skype alternatives for you to use with Windows and it also has a version for mobile phones, both with good stability.

As for you want to use it for Windows, it works with Windows 7 and Windows 8. You can make use of the application by registering through a mobile application.


Tango is an alternative to Skype that is also free and helps you make calls, send messages, share images, and videoconference. Besides working on Windows, you can also use it with Android and iOS.


UppTalk has a credit system that allows you to make phone calls anywhere in the world and for free. As a messaging system, it does not require availability of telephone operators or telephone networks.

Alternatives to skype online

If you have connection problems with Skype, it does not work as well as you would like, there are alternatives that can help you if Skype does not convince you, for example:


Jitsi is one of the open source options. It helps you to make video calls, talk through the chart, you can call mobile and landlines. You can use Jitsi on your computer just like you do with Skype. Besides being available for Windows you can also use it with Mac and Linux.

In addition to these features, all communications you make with Jitsi are encrypted to ensure your privacy.


As an alternative to Skype, Messenger should be among your first options, because through Facebook you can send text messages, images, multimedia content, make video calls and in short it is an application that with a couple of clicks you can contact who you want in a matter of seconds , without neglecting the high quality of the calls and its easy use.

Alternative apps to skype

As alternative apps to Skype, the following in a random order so that you can compare their characteristics and you can choose are:


WhatsApp, without a doubt, is the first option that you should evaluate as an instant messaging application that is useful for making video calls, calls, text messages, you can share images and videos, it has emoticons and in addition to being free, most of your friends have surely downloaded it and therefore you can count on a wide network of contacts and on the other hand it is easy to use.


Hungouts is from Google and is available for your computer as well as for iOS and Android. It allows you to make group or individual video calls.

It even also has the possibility of broadcasting live videos.


Facetime can be a good option whenever you need to use the application on your Apple device, therefore it works with the iOS operating system.

You can make HD calls and video calls, you can send voice and text messages. The application works with the Wi fi network and with mobile phones on 3G and 4G networks. Due to the fact that the mobile network data is not saturated, video calls can only be made using Wi.Fi, however to make video calls through the 3G network, you can take advantage of Jailbreak for your iPhone 4.


Wechat is as easy to use as WhatsApp or Skype. It offers you a file exchange service, you can make video calls and group calls.