Valuable content – Identify and share what people want

In this article I want to talk to you about value content that we generate in our business, what characteristics your content needs to have so that it achieves not only hook your customers, but also and more importantly if what we want is to achieve a solid business, the way it can help you get out of your current state .

5 ways to generate valuable content

Value content is always characterized by solving problems, answering questions, guiding new products, strategies and services.

Each market niche has its rules, its way of connecting with people, the first thing is to know what our market niche needs, what it is looking for and what it wants to solve.


The format you use can be different, even combined and generally used, for example, the creation of content in PDF, audio or video format; The media or spaces in which you can add them so that they can reach your target audience also depend on the resources and strategies you have defined to advance your business online.

Being clear about what we are offering to our clients or subscribers is vital if we want to achieve satisfactory results, offer valuable content as only we can do it, with our own style and way of working, even the way we do it will determine the scope of our brand on the internet.


The content of value that you are able to create needs to show your brand in a unique way, it can be a product or a service similar to your competitors but you need to implement characteristics that they can only achieve by working with you or being part of your list.


The content of value that you generate does not have to be in stages or seasons, it needs to be constant, even gradual, you need to start helping your audience step by step, if they are a new entrepreneur, for example, you need to take them by the hand until they can walking alone, bringing him closer to the tools or resources that may be useful for this stage of his endeavor.


If the valuable content that you want to share does not speak the language of your followers, the results you will get will never be as expected, you need to be simple and direct, common words or techniques, that can be adapted to the public that is following you. This is vital and many entrepreneurs fail at this stage, their content is good, they can really help people, but their language is not clear, it becomes complicated and it is impossible for new entrepreneurs to follow them.


The web is full of content, much of it is valuable content, but you need to find a way to make your content unique, differentiate yourself from others and those people who understand you, who speak your language, will start to follow you and if you can really help them They will not hesitate to work with you or purchase your products.

Although the creation of content is a gradual process, an entrepreneur does not get up one day and decide to start his business and at the moment he begins to generate valuable content, it does not happen this way, but with the passage of time we begin to notice and define what people seek, need and then we begin to work in that direction, since we clearly see that the way to be successful is by working so that other people also achieve what they are looking for.

I hope this article is useful for you, I invite you to leave your comments or share this article with people who can be of use.