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Used car sales in miami by owners

If you want to buy a car but do not have access to a new one, you can search for the Used car sales in miami by owners, because it is the fastest and easiest way for you to get a car according to your budget and even without leaving your home looking for it online.

Where to find used car sales in miami by owners

The Used car sales in miami by owners You can find it online on different websites that offer you a variety of brands, but how is the used car market handled? Well, the franchised dealer can sell new and used cars, since they can have the latest model of the car for resale and those that are not the latest model and therefore less salable are sent to wholesalers.

Even franchised dealers have the repair service and offer you a warranty. However, you must be careful with the used car sales operators, you can seek help from the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the local office of consumer affairs to know the complaints that any of the companies may have.

Credit institutions and banks can also offer you used and salvage cars.

If you buy your car from an owner, you can make a good profit because he will not be involved in any dealership, but you should still be careful to check the references, the service records of the car and the records of the original purchase, as you must review Carefully check the entire vehicle together with its records before buying it and it is also convenient that you have it checked by a mechanic you trust.

Cheap cars for sale in Miami

Used cars for sale in miami by owners, You can find them with a variety of make, year and model in different places such as:


At caragus you can buy a used or new car in five steps:

  1. Schedule test drives before searching the listings and reading the reviews.
  2. Once you are clear about your budget, take into account what the initial payment of the car is, what is its financing rate and how much you will have to pay every month.
  3. Keep in mind that you will usually have to make a deposit of 10% on the purchase price of the car, which is considered an advance, but since you do not pay interest on the advance, if you can, make a deposit greater than 10%
  4. Think about an emergency fund for repairs especially when it comes to buying a used car, because you should not spend your entire budget on the initial purchase of your car, since if you buy a high-end used car, the repair will have a high value .
  5. Your budget should be derived from 20% of your take-home pay and no more than it.
  6. Carsgurus has a car loan calculator that you are free to use, but you must always add the sales tax that corresponds to your state.
  7. Once you have thought about your budget, evaluate the need you have for that car, what do you plan to use it for, do you need a cargo vehicle for commercial use? Do you need to transport a large family? Do you need to save on fuel? Well, these are all questions you should ask yourself before choosing your used car.
  8. Carsgurus has research pages for you to review the best-selling cars and a community page where you can find out if the model of the car you like has mechanical problems.

Used car sales in miami by owners at a dealership

Buying a used car from a dealer is beneficial because you make sure you buy a certified car, because although CPO programs are different depending on the manufacturer, you always get a guarantee and they are also more valued than what they are not CPO.

In Carsguru you can find your used car by searching for it in its search engine, the result of which also gives you the market value of that car.

You can use the filters to make a search easier by choosing the color and transmission as well as the make, model and year. After you have found your car, you can read the opinions of other buyers about that dealer and with the blue form you can send your query to the dealer and you will be notified of your interest.

When you contact the dealer you can ask all the questions you want and they will provide you with the car’s history report.

Anyway, before making a final decision, it is convenient that you try more than one option of vehicles among the ones you like the most so that you can evaluate the car with greater confidence.

When you test the vehicle with the salesperson, get off the predefined road and have him let you take another route so that you can check the efficiency of the vehicle on the road you know.

When the time comes to close the deal, try to negotiate the price with a figure not too low in terms of the average market price.


Carfax has millions of used vehicles including dealer certified ones. It allows you to do a search by the number of owners and the accident history among other factors that can be an essential part of your decision to buy your used car.

All used cars owned by carfax come with a free vehicle history.

You can create alerts to be sent to your email when there are similar used car options and you will save your searches so that you can later contact the dealer.

Used cars Miami


Carmax has used cars for sale with quality certification, that is, they all pass the technical quality inspection so that you can be sure that the car you choose does not have frame or flood problems and also offers you a money-back guarantee to customers. 5-day and 30-day limited warranty.

Best Used Vehicles for Sale in Miami

Kendall, dodge, chrysler, jeep and ram: Kendall DCJR offers in Miami and surrounding cities on its website kendalldodgechryslerjeepram, new Ram, Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler vehicles and also pick up trucks as quality used cars.

It also offers full maintenance and repair service and a finance department so you can find your option for your used or new car.

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Truecar, is dedicated to the sale of used cars with its network of more than 14 thousand distributors that are certified. As a user you connect with Truecar Certified Dealers so that you can enjoy a safe purchase by knowing the right price of the car in advance.

Cheap used cars in miami: Find the makes of ford, chevrolet, toyota, beach, nissan, honda, cars, volkswagen, hyundai of the years 2016 and 2017.

Used cars in miami auction: safe and reliable dealer

Do you want to know where to find used cars in miami? Well, you know that it is in auctions where used cars abound to buy with the lowest price.

But surely you do not know how to access them and what are the different types that exist. For this reason, to make your search easier, faster and more efficient and so that you can finally get your desired car at auction, below you are about to find all the information you are looking for.

Types of auction to buy used cars in miami

The used cars in miami They are sold from different types of auctions and depending on each type you can choose where to buy, since having the information on how they work you will realize how convenient it is to buy your used car in one or the other, for example:

  1. Salvage cars are for sale at auctions. In these places you will find cars that are called salvage because they can be sold for scrap and before they are compacted.

They can even be purchased by dealers who are responsible for repairing and preparing them for sale. Although they are also bought by individuals who also take care of repairing them to sell them or take advantage of the parts they need as spare parts.

  1. You can find online auctions, some of them aimed at the public while others have restricted access to the public, as they are only open to the distributor.

How to access used car auctions in miami

  1. Once you find an auction and the car you like, you can access the online auction by registering and submitting a payment method.
  2. Note that while some of the public auctions are free, other auctions will require you to pay a subscription or registration fee.
  3. Once you have completed the first two steps, you must request the sale list of the day to be able to review them, navigate through them and see the cars that are available, prior to the start of the bidding.
  4. Keep in mind that if you go to an auction, you take it for granted that you do not have anything guaranteed regarding the car, that is, as you see the car, you will get it this way, because although it is a risk you will find it at a very low price.
  5. However, you can get the VIN, search the car’s history for free, but when you finish the entire bidding process, you will most likely pay a fee on the purchase price.

Where there are used car auctions in miami

You already know how auctions are handled so you can buy used cars in miami, but where are these auctions, because below you will find the list with the address and telephone number so that you can go to any of them or make a previous telephone call:

  1. Auto Auction Mall: 20200 W. Dixie Hwy, Suite 1001, Miami, FL 33180 phone: (305) 507-1641.
  2. Corauto Inc: 4723 NW 37th Ave, Miami, FL 33142, Phone: (786) 518-3655
  3. Copart: 11858 NW 36th Ave, Miami, FL 33167 phone: (305) 769-0863.
  4. Ner Auction Systems Inc of Miami: 12850 NW 27th Ave, Opa Locka, FL 33054, phone: (305) 688-6400.
  5. Copart Auto Salvage Auction: 12850 NW 27th Ave, Opa Locka, FL 33054, phone: (305) 688-6400.

Where to find a used car dealer in miami

In you can find used car dealer in miami. It has an extensive inventory and you can buy by filtering by affordable, basic, standard or Premium price. If you want to visit the site in person, the address is: 650 Bessemer Super Highway Midfield, AL 35228, phone: 205-426-6260.

Where to find used cars in Miami

If you want to find used cars in miami you can find them in:

Car Max, offers you low prices, test drive, customer service and even if you already have a car you can buy it even if you are not interested in any of the ones in the inventory.