United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Offices

The immigration offices in the United States, USCIS, has assistance to solve the different problems or questions that you need to solve with a telephone so that you know the services it provides in addition to your benefits as an immigrant and you are in the United States.

Telephone numbers of immigration offices in the United States

  1. You can communicate with immigration offices in the United States both in Spanish and English, because the fastest way for you to obtain the information you need is to communicate by phone, since in this way you do not have to wait for a response to your letter or email and you will not even worry about requesting Free time to visit the USCIS office closest to your home in person.

Therefore you can call and you will get automated information and they will also assist you if you need to know about benefits and immigration services in the United States, the United States Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico.

  1. So if this is your case, call TTY 800-767-1833.
  2. Even if you are in another country outside the United States and have submitted an application to the USCIS service center, call 212-620-34189 and you will get an answer regarding the status of your case, but keep in mind that you will get information automated, meaning that you will not get assistance from a live person.
  3. If you are not in the United States and need to obtain information on United States immigration, you can contact the IUSCIS international field office in the jurisdiction of your location, you can check with the United States consulate or the United States embassy.
  4. As long as you go by phone and receive automated information, you can call every day of the year during business hours and you will choose the option in the automated menu. But if you want a person to assist you, the service representative will assist you by phone from Monday to Friday during business hours.
  5. If you need information about the status of your case, you can also call a toll-free number: 1- (800) 375-5283
  6. In the event that you are outside the United States and by submitting the application to the USCIS, you verify the status of your case by calling 787-330-1048.
  7. If you have hearing or speech problems you can call 800-877-8339.
  8. If you are processing a request for a permanent residence card and you solve the final phase from outside the United States and you must go to the consulate or embassy for the interview to have your immigrant visa, the NVC or National Visa Center will contact you , but since you are likely to be the one who decides to get in touch, you can call 603-334-0700.
  9. If you need help or have questions about immigration laws, to contact a lawyer with low fees, the Hispanic Federation can help you find a drowning in your area to help you when dealing with a specialized immigration lawyer. Call 1-866-432-9832.
  10. If you are a victim of fraud, as an immigrant you can contact 1-877-4237 and in the event that you detect criminal activity you can report it anonymously at 1-866-347-2423.
  11. Remember that USCIS provides you as a client the toll-free number 1-800-375-5283 so that as clients you can obtain a variety of information with an interactive voice response system, because in addition to being able to obtain general information on immigration, it helps you to handling the status of your application and the questions you need to ask about your case.

Even if you intend to speak with a customer service agent, you can contact them during business hours.

Steps to Talk to the USCIS IVR System

  1. Dial 1-800-375-5283.
  2. You will hear the instructions with the options available to the system.
  3. Pay attention to the options and don’t wait for the message to end if you know who to contact.
  4. If you want the message to be repeated you can press 7 and if you want to hear the whole message from the beginning of the menu, then dial 9.

Migration phone

If you wish to contact the migration phone, do so at the toll-free number 1-800-375-5283.

USCIS can solve your doubts by providing you with information about your immigration questions and will inform you about the status of your case.

In the case of w you need to create an appointment, you can do it online from the official website by accessing the Infopass section.

However, while you will obtain quality information, USCIS will not provide you with legal advice,

ICE immigration number

If you need to know the immigration telephone numbers, field offices are the following:

  • Atlanta Field Office: Phone: (404) 893-1210
  • Baltimore Field Office: Phone: (410) 637-4000
  • Boston Field Office: Phone: (781) 359-7500
  • Buffalo Field Office: Phone: (716) 551-4741 ext. 2500
  • Chicago Field Office: Phone: (312) 347-2400
  • Dallas Field Office: Phone: (214) 905-5860
  • Denver Field Office: Phone: (303) 371-1067
  • Detroit Field Office: Phone: (313) 568-6049
  • El Paso Field Office: Phone: (915) 225-0885
  • Houston Field Office: Phone: (281) 774-4968
  • Los Angeles Field Office: Phone: (213) 830-7911
  • Miami Field Office: Phone: (305) 207-2001
  • Newark Field Office: Phone: (973) 645-3666
  • New Orleans Field Office: Phone: (504) 599-7800
  • New York Field Office: Phone: (212) 264-4213
  • Philadelphia Field Office: Phone: (215) 656-7164
  • Phoenix Field Office: Phone: (602) 766-7030
  • Salt Lake City Field Office: Phone: (801) 313-4260
  • San Antonio Field Office: Phone: (210) 967-7056
  • San Diego Field Office: Phone: (619) 557-6343
  • San Francisco Field Office: Phone: (415) 844-5512
  • Seattle Field Office: Phone: (206) 835-0650
  • St. Paul Field Office: Phone: (952) 853-2550
  • Washington Field Office: Phone: (703) 285-6301

USA immigration number

If you want to call the toll-free number of the immigration offices in the United States, USCIS can do it at 800-375-5283 and if you have a disability call TTY 800-767-1833.

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